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Gooey Cube’s Incredible World of Zyathe Packed with Enthralling Adventures for Fifth Edition

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Gooey Cube makes immersive Fifth Edition adventures to enthrall players and make life easier for Game Masters. This awesome company launched a Kickstarter of adventure box sets and a campaign setting that funding in two minutes! Whether you are like me and enjoy picking out all the fabulous goodies other companies create to build upon your own homebrew world or you like to play in unique and amazing settings with rich adventures full of lore the World of Zyathe is right for you.

Gooey Cube’s world will blow you away

Gooey Cube is crushing stretch goals and adding more and more into the final product. Several adventure paths are already complete with their sights set on producing even more. But the Kickstarter campaign is so much more than this.

First up there are some freebies right on the Enthralling Adventures and Incredible World for 5th Edition Kickstarter page. Do you want a new class? The agent class mixes elements of rogue with divine magic. There are loads of cool abilities and lots of skills. Gooey Cube offers this as a free download straight from the Kickstarter page along with the spelldancer class, Player’s Primer and Gooey Cube Philosophy House Rules. The primer is 14 pages of gods, magic, geography and people to help get you immersed in their World of Zyathe campaign setting right away. Their house rules speak right to my heart with headings such as Great Lore Makes a Game Epic, Tales Really Do Grow in the Telling and Awesome GMs Use All the Tools (Structure, Randomness, and Improvisation). This last one put it over the top and sold me — this is my exact philosophy.

But I am not hear to tell you just about the freebies. The World of Zyathe campaign setting includes more than six new unique races and the artwork on the page looks fun and interesting. Based on the artwork I would hazard a guess there are 19 new races from the magically insensate Sarth, to the Goruundish Mountain People, to the Soflings, the Aethyr, the Myruun and the Fay’aree. But do not hold me to it.

The World of Zyathe campaign setting hosts new types of magic and of course what setting would be complete without new magic items? Can you harness the power of flowstones? Do you want to use magic firearms which are powered by these such magic stones? The setting boasts an array of new monsters along with new classes, races and magic items. This book is jam packed with options for both the GM as well as plenty of new toys to keep players playing new characters for a long time coming.

Gooey Cube produces a fantasy world and some of the most amazing, mysterious, and immersive adventures ever made for the 5th edition of the world’s greatest role-playing game (or any edition for that matter).  We know it’s a bold claim. But we truly believe that once you try out a Gooey Cube adventure you… and your players… will never want to play anything else.”

Head over to Gooey Cube’s Kickstarter page, snag the freebies, see how much you want to explore the World of Zyathe and discover the Enthralling Adventures and Incredible World for 5th Edition pledge level that works best for you and your group of friends right here.


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