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Hello dungeon delver. Do you like awesome RPG and D&D related products?  Do you want these type of things to show up at your door once a month, say in a subscription box? You might consider getting a subscription to Dungeon Crate and use the promo code Nerdarchy to get 10 percent off your first month’s subscription.

Dungeon Crate unboxing subscription

April 2018 Dungeon Crate unboxing

This month’s theme surrounds the latest adventure. They offer tricky treasures and caffeine dreams that liven up any game table.

From the Dungeon Crate website

There’s something hidden in this month’s Dungeon Crate. This month’s box is packed full of fun and a little bit of mystery, too. With the contents of this month’s box, you can run our latest adventure, Hammeraxe’s Hidden Haul, get caffeinated, help your adventuring party track its movements or foist a devastating monster upon your players.

The first thing in the crate this month is Hammeraxes Hidden Haul. This is an adventure for 6th-level characters. Kevin Coffey writes it, with artwork done by DungeonDoodles. The synopsis says, “When a farmer hires a group of adventurers to escort a shipment of magical coffee beans, he forgets to give them all the details about what they’re hauling. They’re in for a surprise when bandits try to steal the coffee and something bursts out.”

The adventure is short, with just a few scenes, but could certainly be enough to get the night’s adventure started. After it is over there are multiple suggestions of where things go from there. This particular adventure looks like a lot of fun with a sick and real twist for those coffee enthusiasts. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: I’m interested…]

The next item in the crate is a 4 ounce pack of coffee from Improved Initiative Blend coffee from Anodyne Coffee Roasting Company. Improved Initiative is a Barzil and Nicaragua medium roast Dungeon Crate had specially made. This goes with the energy theme and fits in well with the adventure above. If your table is full of coffee drinkers you could have this brewed up and all enjoy the coffee while you play this adventure. Could be a fun night. For me this is a bit of a miss as I am not a coffee drinker but Nerdarchist Dave is so this will wind up going to him. I know that there is a large crossover between gamers and caffeine, as well as gamers and coffee. Heck at one point because we gamed at my place all the time Dave brought over a coffee maker just so we had something here in case someone wanted coffee while we were gaming late at night. So it certainly is appropriate. How do you energy: candy coffee, or something else when you are gaming late into the evening?

Next up is a cartography notebook from 1980Who. This is a cool pocket sized notebook. It fits easily into your gaming bag or your back pocket. It is packed with sheets of 1/8th-inch graph paper. You can use this to take map notes while you are playing, or maybe turn it into your wizard’s spellbook. As a Game Master you could use it for your notes or to make your own maps. This way it makes it much harder for your players to spy on what you are doing because of its compact size. With all the great things that can happen in your D&D, or any roleplaying game, there is always going to be a need for notes.  How great would it be to organize an entire campaign’s worth of notes at the table all in one pocket size book so you can always be able to reference it later.

Dungeon Crate
An example of a painted carrion worm, from the Reaper Miniatures website. I wish I could paint this good.  But maybe with time and practice this will eventually happen. — Nerdarchist Ted

And it is mini time. I love getting new minis and this month, to go with the adventure above, you get a carrion worm from Reaper Miniatures. It is model number 77541. Dungeon Crate is tasking you to paint it up and share it on social media. Just make sure you tag them.

I like this mini it has a lot of uses. You can paint it up and make it look like the creature it is supposed to be or you take it on a painting adventure and make it be something that your players have never seen before.

Lastly in the crate is a hearty, card stock tracker for your RPG character. It leans heavily toward fifth edition D&D but could be usable for many different RPGs. It is laminated so it’s wet or dry erase with a cool stylized dragon head breathing fire in the center. It tracks hit points, two different areas for resources which could be sorcery points, channel divinity, superiority dice or any number of things that you have 24 of or less. It has an area to track your spent hit dice, spells slots, ammunition and death saves.

It even allows you to track a condition or effect with a round counter. Whether you want to count up or count down you can do it either way. Turn the card over and there are three sections for whatever notes you feel like taking during a game session. Use it to make a temporary loot list before it is properly divided up among the party or use it to jot down session notes or map layouts while you traverse the dungeon.

So there you have it another month of Dungeon Crate packed with cool things to use at your table, and well, how I plan on using mine.


Until next time, my friend, stay nerdy!

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