Kate Welch

D&D Welcomes Kate Welch as Game Designer

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Way back in November 2017, Wizards of the Coast announced their search for a game designer to join the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons team. Countless hopeful candidates the world over threw their hats, resumes and CVs in the ring for this nerdy dream job. And on Jan. 18, 2018 we found out who earned this incredible position.

Kate Welch brings a lot to D&D game designer role

Kate Welch

Starting on Feb. 5, 2018, Kate Welch will officially begin her job as a game designer for D&D. In a true showing of the awesome community surrounding the world’s greatest roleplaying game, Welch received overwhelming support and congratulations from fans and fellow gamers around the world.

Many people are familiar with Welch from her role as Rosie Beestinger, not your grandma’s grandma on Acquisitions Incorporated: The C-Team. On the weekly live stream D&D game, she and fellow players Kris Straub, Amy Falcone and Ryan Hartman adventure under Dungeon Master Jerry Holkins. The incredibly popular campaign helps to continue building the D&D culture while entertaining gamers weekly from 3:30-6:30 p.m. PST on Penny Arcade’s Twitch channel and through live events like PAX.

But being a wonderful D&D roleplayer isn’t Welch’s only game cred by a long shot. Welch is an accomplished web designer and digital illustrator/painter. She worked for years on Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 with ArenaNet while doing freelance work for Fullbright Games, Double Fine Games and more. More recently, she was the UX Design Lead for Amazon Game Studio’s Crucible PC game.

These are just a handful of game design projects and positions Welch has been involved. Following her announcement on Twitter, she shared some other highlights from her successful career including extensive experience prototyping and playtesting games.

Nerdarchy could not be happier to learn this terrific designer and passionate D&D nerd is joining the great team of stewards to help guide the ship forward. We can’t wait to see what Welch brings to the team and what sorts of cool new projects and products 2018 reveals.

Crucible is a third-person, last one standing game of trust and betrayal. Each match pits human and alien competitors with unique weapons and abilities against one another on a lush, alien world.

Speaking of reveals, a new D&D product announcement is rumored to take place on Feb. 6, 2018. We already know a bit about the upcoming products via the codenames floating around. Marathon, Broadway and Catacomb. Sources on the internet have pointed to McNally Robinson Booksellers listings for Wizards RPG Team products and some details about these upcoming products. Nothing is officially confirmed, but Marathon was listed as a hardcover with a publication date of May 29, 2018; Broadway as a hardcover and dice with a publication date of Sept. 18, 2018; and Catacomb as a hardcover with a publication date of Nov. 20, 2018.

What could these products be? Whatever they are you can be sure we’ll add them to our collection and let you know all about them.

In the meantime, we want to give a big nerdy congratulations to Kate Welch for her new game designer role with Wizards of the Coast and the D&D team! It’s awesome to see this talented, hardworking and all around great person earn this spot.

We know Kate will, and for everyone else out there, stay nerdy!

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