Board Games in Review: Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time from Fun Forge

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Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time is a game published by Fun Forge. They contacted me and asked if I wanted a review copy and since I am a sucker for board games I said why not. This is a cooperative game and that works out really well for our family. The major concept of the game is that Professor Evil has traveled throughout time and stolen major artifacts and it is the players’ job to sneak into his castle, or citadel, and steal them before they are locked in his super secret vault.Professor Evil Citadel of Time

Explore the Citadel of Time and stop Professor Evil

The mechanics of the game are simple enough to follow and if players strategize you can have an easier time of it than if every player just does what they want. The game manual suggests keeping the easier treasures in as it makes the game easier. But if you are looking for a harder time, or more of a challenge you could take the easy treasures out so the gameplay is longer and more complicated.

Your hero choices can make a difference to the game as well. Each hero has card options that help the flow of the game and your hero power. When the clock moves to a certain point, 15 and 45, heroes get some new options. Our first game we played with 4 players and with the easiest treasures. With us working together we used cards to our advantage and kept Professor Evil from moving quite a lot.  One of the heroes, Destiny Bradshaw, really gave us a lot of control over the Professor. I highly recommend her.

Professor Evil Citadel of Time Fun ForgeProfessor Evil gets a turn after all the players have gone so the more players you have the more actions you have to quickly complete your goals. The object of the game is to capture 4 treasures before the Professor gets 4 treasures secreted away.

Removing the easy treasures and going down to 2 players makes for a harder game. In the second game we learned how hard it can be as the Professor can really muck with your plans. In the game you move into rooms, turn off the traps, and unlock doors all in the hopes of securing those precious treasures.

But when Professor Evil’s turn comes he can move into rooms you have been in and he locks all doors and turns  all the traps back on. With only 2 players he kept turning back on all the stuff we needed. Without the control of the Professor, he destroyed us and even kicked us out of the Citadel of Time once or twice.

This is a great game to help people work on strategy and teamwork. Cooperation is key as well as proper planning. Maybe work in some fallback plans as well. You want to make sure you use all your actions and in the correct order.

Your actions per player are 3 and one card play. Your options are move, unlock a door, flip a switch (turn off a trap) and rescue a treasure. You can play your card at any point during your turn so a protip is look at your cards first. It can be a real time and action saver.

I give the game at least 4 out of 5 stars. When playing any game with the family, who can be competitive, it is great to have a game we can come back to and work together to either win and celebrate, or lose and commiserate as a family.

For those of you who like custom dice, this game has a few of those too. Just a fact I thought I would point out.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

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