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Black Pages Book Series by Danny Bell Explores Urban Fantasy with a Twist

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Black Pages is a series from best selling author Danny Bell. I’m going to do my best to give you a taste of the Black Pages series without spoiling it for anyone. Book One is Empty Threat and I just finished reading Book Two, Warning Call. After book one I’d certainly have called the genre urban fantasy, but by the end of book two, I’m having second thoughts. There is a lot of genre-mashing going on in this series. The stories in this series unfold around our protagonist, a young woman in her 20’s named Elana Black. Elana is a nerdy young woman with anxiety issues who works in a book store. When her tale begins she has a very special and unique ability — the power to walk between worlds. Specifically her world, which happens to be modern day Los Angeles. It’s kind of unique. While reading books she finds an opening into these stories where she can enter them, becoming fictional.

Danny Bell Black Pages urban fantasy

Stories within the Black Pages

One of the unintended consequences of strolling through your favorite novel is getting to know the characters that don’t matter. As a reader we rarely think about them. They become part of the scenery. Elana runs into problems as she meets these people and they affect and matter to her. So Elana sets out to help out these forgettable and expendable characters. More than that, she wishes to save them.

It doesn’t take long to realize there are consequences for making changes in her favorite stories and novels. These consequences don’t restrict themselves to remaining within the stories either. Elana quickly learns they carry over to the real world in more ways than one. For instance, a big antagonist for Empty Threat and Warning Call belongs to a shadowy organization with a mission that puts Elana in direct opposition. Their job is to make sure the stories continue as they are supposed to unfold.

As the stories expand so does the list of problems and enemies for Elana. Throughout the first two books of the Black Pages series we meet trolls, elves, sorcerers, archfey, gods and even eldritch horrors. Did I mention it appears even Ragnarok may be making an appearance?

Maybe not just urban fantasy

Black Pages

Voice narrator and model Whitton Frank sits for a photoshoot for the Black Pages book series written by Danny Bell.

Elana isn’t limited to just one genre. We have a couple of different ones already, but she does have a love of fantasy for sure. This is why I say the Black Pages series might not be just urban fantasy. I see a lot of potential to have science fiction and other elements added to the series.

After talking to author Danny Bell I learned this isn’t slated to be a trilogy, but a 20 book series. Danny let a couple of other details slip, too. For instance even though currently Elana is the protagonist, Danny did reveal not all of the Black Pages novels will feature her.

I’m excited by this personally. I hate when authors create an amazing supporting cast but never explore them. Both books are available in multiple formats. Currently, the audiobook is one of my favorites. I bring this up because the model and narrator for the first two books is Whitton Franks. The new audiobook is going to be a full cast production with Whitton Frank, Mark Meer, Bonnie Gordon, Becca Scott and others. Lauren Bancroft will make her debut as Ann.

Storm Chaser is Book 3 in the Black Pages series. It should be finishing up any day now.

Black Pages Danny Bell Storm Chaser cover

Book 3 in the Black Pages Series — Storm Chaser

One final thing, the author Danny Bell has given us permission debut the next novel cover and title for the Black Pages series — Playing Dead the fourth book in the seires.

Playing Dead

Book 4 from the Black Pages series Playing Dead



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