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Nerdarchy > Creator Spotlight  > Back and Forth on the Revilo Creation Collection with Creature Curator Brian Colin
Brian Colin Kickstarter Revilo

Back and Forth on the Revilo Creation Collection with Creature Curator Brian Colin

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Salutations, nerds! Today we’re going to take an opportunity to talk about a Kickstarter by the phenomenally talented Brian Colin. The Revilo Creature Collection is a bestiary the likes of which you’re unlikely to have seen before. The creatures in the book are ones Brian has brought to life in the form of sculptures.

Get to know Revilo creator Brian Colin

He was just on the Nerdarchy live chat as of Wednesday, talking about the project and we were happy to signal boost for it. The video can be caught below if you missed it before, it’s definitely worth a look just for the awesome looking monsters alone.


Brian Colin Kickstarter Revilo

The Revilo Creature Collection is fantastic new project giving creator Brian Colin a whole new way to share his incredible scultped creations.

Arguably the coolest thing about this project, though, is the fact that it’s a family affair. Brian Colin brought his son, Wyatt, into the fold to help teach him world building.

“I have always had a tendency to try to motivate others around me to explore creative outlets. My process hasn’t changed a lot with working with [Wyatt], I just have to understand a kid (now 8) doesn’t have the drive to create a ton of creatures at the pace I do. He has added so much to the world though, from concepting the pantheon of gods, to coming up with specific creatures, and to how some of the gods are now hibernating… I would always recommend working with a child on creative projects, if for nothing other than to spark their imagination and show that you don’t have to lose that as you get older.” – Brian Colin, regarding his choice to work with his son.

Wait, did he just say some of the gods are hibernating? Way to make it harder to wait for the book release, Brian!

“Be patient and let stories and ideas go where they want to naturally gravitate towards on their own. If you get locked into an idea and your kid wants to go down a completely different path than you had planned you need to go with their instincts. After all you want it to be as much fun for the children as possible.” – Brian Colin, when asked if he had any advice for parents wanting to teach their children the art of Dungeon Mastering.

So awesome creatures rendered in loving sculpture form with fully colored images of them along with the information about them in the bestiary, check. A fantastically imaginative setting, check. At this point you might be thinking this would be a good game to get into with the family, and if his intentions are anything to go by you would be right, but if you’re wanting a game to get into with your older friends, well, this might still be the one for you.

“This will really be geared towards all ages. There are a handful of major issues in the current storyline ‘Age of Discovery’ that anyone can expand on. The direction it goes and how appropriate for the players will be up to those involved in that specific game. Just like any other roleplaying game setting.”- Brian Colin

Brian Colin clearly knows what he’s doing. He’s even got fully designed currency for his world (which you can own in full physical nickel-cast glory if you back him $12 on Kickstarter) and at least 120 pages of information on the unique creatures within.

ReviloWe asked Brian what his favorite kinds of monsters are to work on.

“Currently I seem to be doing a lot of bat-like ears on things… not sure why. Honestly I have already created a wide range of species and I think that is one of the things that keeps me going with the series. The idea that I can sculpt something reptilian one day, then a mammal the next, then something made of rock the day after that. Not getting bored with what I create goes a long way for me. Also, I really like to put in a ton of eyes. I think I got called four-eyes too much as a kid and now I’m like well, how about eight eyes?” – Brian Colin

It’s easy to see why, too. The eyes are some of the most striking things about these creatures, incredibly full of soul and personality. Speaking of which, when asked what something he thought world builders should be aware of when they’re designing their world, that often goes overlooked, Brian had this to say:

“Personality is everything. The characters, species, places, items, etc. should all have personalities. That is one of my favorite things about the FATE RPG system – everything has aspects to them that help define what they are. From a scene, to a sword, to an animal.” – Brian Colin

Again, if you missed it before, the Kickstarter can be found here; if you like strange and fanciful creatures, I highly advise checking it out. I double dog dare you not to get charmed by those multiple alien eyes.

The project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by . Colin is partnered with Norse Publishing, a division of Norse Foundry, to publish and manufacture all of the components of this campaign.

Brian Colin

Summary of the Revilo Creature Collection Kickstarter


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*This post is sponsored by the Revilo Creature Collection Kickstarter

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