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Treasures of the Tundra (PDF)


Uncovering the secrets of the frozen tundra gives adventurers the edge they’ll need to survive. Arctic creatures, items and player options represent the values and cultures of a perilous environment for the unprepared adventurer. The yaska are hale and hearty folk who dwell in these cold climes and new subclasses put the power of the tundra in players’ hands along with more Treasures of the Tundra ready to drop into your Fifth Edition games.

  • New playable race — yaska, diminutive cousins of the tundra yeti
  • 4 New Subclasses — College of Rime bard, Way of Northern Wind monk, Froststrider ranger and Iceborne sorcerer
  • 2 New Creature Mounts
  • 17 New Magic Items — including magic item sets
  • 10 New Tundra Poisons


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