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Hairable Ideas (PDF)


Hairable Ideas picks up where Beardomancy left off. Strange energy from the Beard Dimension continues to grow in the Material Plane and now other characters can tap into the voluminous power. The Path of the Barbhairian leads the way while clerics, paladins, monks, rogues and sorcerers flex their own kind of beardomantic might.

A terrifying new fiend lurks in the tangles though, empowered by entities from the darkest corners of the Beard Dimension and every single creature in the game becomes a potential agent with the Hirsute Creature Template.

Hairy heroes arm themselves with new magic items and a bunch of new beardomancy spells to cut and trim these dark forces’ influence. Plus there’s even more free content with a web enhancement so any Fifth Edition character can add a bit of beardomancy through special feats.

  • New Primal Path: Path of the Barbhairian
  • New Divine Domain: Beauty Domain
  • New Monastic Tradition: Way of the Gorgon
  • New Sacred Oath: Oath of Vanity
  • New Roguish Archetype: Weaver
  • New Sorcerous Origin: Shaggy Soul
  • 8 New Magic Items
  • New Hirsute Creature Template
  • New Monster: Crinis Spinner
  • 12 New Beardomancy Spells
  • Web Enhancement: Beardomantic Feats


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