Secrets of the Vault: Monster Menagerie Volume 1 for 5th Edition


For 5th Edition

Of course 5E is our favorite thing to talk about over on the Nerdarchy YouTube Channel. We’ve created monsters in both our Terrible Terrain series as well as our Fast and Dirty Monsters series. It’s finally time for these to start existing not only in our demented minds, but in the works we create as well.

Uses for Monster Menagerie

Simple — Game Masters can never have enough creepy critters to put into their games. Nerdarchy is here to help. This collection of monsters is inspired by our videos and our own games.

What You’ll Find Inside

Within these pages you’ll find new monsters along with the lore and tactics to use these new monsters in your 5th Edition games. Plus new rules for intoxication from the booze ooze entry, a new ritual spell to summon the moss hound, rules for breaking in your abizder mount and the goods they can provide, and more.


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