Bestiary of Benevolent Monsters for 5th Edition


For 5th Edition

You can never have too many monsters for you 5th Edition game. That is why we created Bestiary of Benevolent Monsters. We wanted to fill a niche within the game that is being under served. To that end we set out to construct new and interesting monsters of a good persuasion.

Uses for Good Monsters

Maybe you need to adjust the attitude of some murder hobos. You could be running an evil campaign. Perhaps you’d like to set up an epic misunderstanding between the player characters and entities that are champions of good.

What You’ll Find Within

30 pages of monsters. Generic uses for any good monsters for your 5th Edition campaign as well as specific uses for the monsters contained within these pages. Each monster entry includes DCs for lore checks and what proficiency to use. And of course stat blocks for each new monster.



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