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Nerdarchy Dice App Dev Shares Insights Into Our Dice Roller App

Hello Nerdarchy community!
Did you catch our Quests & Adventures live chat #50 on Dec. 2, 2017? During the chat, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nate the Nerdarch announced a new, exciting venture – the Nerdarchy Dice app. This playtested calculator is currently in available in the itunes store for iOS, ready to handle all the math and modifiers for your RPG rolling needs.

Nerdarchy Dice app has an archival feature to store a complete history of all your rolls and how they came about, whether you rolled with (dis)advantage, a tracker for all your maximum and minimum rolls and an innovative way to create macros for your most frequent rolls.
Adam Hoffman, CEO and founder of developer GravityBit, took some time from working diligently on the app to answer a few questions about development and features and the experience of working with Nerdarchy to bring this great app to the gaming community.

GravityBit talks Nerdarchy Dice

Question: The app is only on iOS right now – is there an ETA for an Android version?
Answer: The app is currently only for iOS however we are accepting applications for an Android developer to make it cross platform in the near future. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: If you think you’ve got what it takes, visit their website here and who knows, maybe YOU will help bring Nerdarchy Dice to Android!]
Q: One of the reviews mentions rolling with (dis)advantage – is that a feature you added based on user feedback?
A: Rolling with advantage or disadvantage was a launch feature although it wasn’t in initial drafts. It came out in playtesting as something that would be impactful.
Q: What is the best way for users to give feedback and suggestions to the dev team? Are you able to view analytics of user data to help guide future development?
A: Leaving a review on the app store is the best way to get in touch with us, Apple just changed the mechanics around app reviews to make them more like a forum page were we can reply to your reviews.
Q: Creating macros for commonly used rolls sounds like a very cool feature and a great time saver. How does that work? Is there a limit on how many macros a user can create? Can users share macros with other app users?
A: Currently users can create up to 8 different macros. Macros are currently unique to each user although being able to share is a great idea.
Q: The ads look very unobtrusive on the screenshots, but I think there is a paid version without ads too – are there any other advantages to the paid version?

Nerdarchy Dice roller app
Screenshot of Nerdarchy Dice from GravityBit.
A: We only have one version of the app out and it is the one with ads. We worked very hard to make sure the ads weren’t obtrusive to the user experience.
Q: One of the screenshots shows an option for sound effects. What sort of sound effects are there? Can users add their own custom ones?
A: Currently we support a dice rolling sound when ever a roll is made although we have laid the framework for a much more advanced event driven experience. Be on the look out for new sounds packs coming soon.
Q: What was the experience like working with Nerdarchy on the app? Was there much back-and-forth or any features that came about through their suggestions/ideas?
A: Dialogue with Nerdarchy has been great. I was lucky enough to sit in on several play sessions and use the app at the table during its development. They are a great group full of ideas.
Q: What is your favorite part about the app and the development process? What are you most excited for gamers to discover as they use it?
A: What most excites me about the app is that it’s a way for fans to support Nerdarchy financially while at the same time themselves enjoying a free, streamlined app experience that cuts down on the number crunching and allows for more story at the table.
Q: Are there any features or ideas you imagine adding or implementing going forward? Or any that were on the table but didn’t work out? What’s the roadmap for the future of the app look like?
A. We are currently keeping out roadmap close to the chest but rest assured this app will see much future support!
Nerdarchy Dice app is another building block in the Nerdarchy universe we’re excited to share and we definitely encourage gamers to download and use the app in their games. Leaving your feedback in the itunes store will help the app grow and evolve for gamers, by gamers. In addition, please feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below, and visit the brand new Nerdarchy Community tab on YouTube to share ideas and engage with others in the Nerdarchy community.
Stay nerdy!
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