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Hail Hydra! Marvel FASERIP’s Mr. Cyber Explained

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Hey, guys, Professor Bill of Comic Book University and I’m going to explain Mr. Cyber, the main bad guy in the Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game (FASERIP) I’m running every Monday for the Nerdarchists. Mr. Cyber is, well, me.
That’s right, Professor Bill is the ultimate evil in the Nerdarchy game. How did he get there? What did he do to gain his powers? Why is he so evil? Let’s read.

Where he’s from

Professor Bill was doing what every nerd was doing on that Thursday afternoon; he was watching the Nerdarchy live chat as Nerdarchist Dave was talking to one of his nerdy guests. The conversation is going one way and the chat is going another; just a typical live chat.
Dave says, something to the effect of, “We’re going to need to petition Professor Bill of Comic Book University to run a Marvel FASERIP game for us.”

Ride the snake

While the chat may have seen further interaction between Professor Bill and Dave, the truth of it is that a giant snake slipped into his room and swallowed the Professor whole. The trip into the snakes’ gullet was long and never completed as Bill fell into a warp space that resembled a TV wormhole.
At the end, he found himself at the base of a tree in the middle of the night in New York City’s Central Park. It was cold and dark and Bill was hungry, tired, worried about his YouTube channel, and his family.
But reality was shifted here. The same people didn’t exist here, or they were twisted, different. It was too much to bear, and while he could understand the mechanics of alternate time streams, or “What If…” scenarios, he just couldn’t accept it.

A dangerous mind

Two things happened, then. Bill discovered that he was in the Marvel Universe, and he realized he had powers.
Not super powers, per se, but rather, an advanced intellect. Hyper-Invention, Ultimate Skill in cybernetics – he was given the power of genius. That, coupled with his anger and resistance to what happened to him, made him decide to act. An Act of Vengeance.

Breaking the law

The Human Torch.

Professor Bill took to a dastardly plan that would take him down a dark path.
Dr. Phineas Horton was a brilliant scientist who created the first true artificial intelligence and then gave it/him a body. He was called Jim Hammond and he was the original Human Torch. His body was better than any robot built prior as it was partially organic.  However, since it did not involve a previously living being, it could not be classified as a cyborg. It was more “human” than any android to ever precede Horton’s creation, so he called it a synthezoid.

Burning down the house

West Coast Avengers Vol. 2 #44. Cover art by “Jocular” John Byrne

Professor Bill tracked down Hammond, knowing where the synthezoid habituates, and used his accelerated intellect to take the body of the original Human Torch, thereby gaining his powers of fire generation and control.

Double Vision

The Professor wasn’t done. There was one more synthezoid in the Marvel Universe -The Vision.
Now calling himself Mr. Cyber, Professor Bill went to the Avengers headquarters and launched a cyberattack on The Vision.  Mr. Cyber was successful and took a full analysis of The Vision and stole the tech he used to control his density.
This explains the attack on The Vision that caused his acquisition by Steve Rogers as the Director of Hydra. As a reward, Mr. Cyber was given a position as a Hydra chief operative, granting him permission to construct his satellite.

Bad mutha’ (shut your mouth)

The Vision as seen in The Avengers Vol. 1 #57. Art by “Jovial” John Buscema

Now, with the power of both synthezoids, the resources of Hydra, and a satellite housing a death ray, Mr. Cyber became a force that few could contend with. Did the heroes defeat Mr. Cyber by dropping him at the bottom of the San Francisco Bay? Or is he only just beginning?
Join us Mondays at noon EST to see the further adventures of the Nerdarchy team to see when Mr. Cyber will rear his ruggedly attractive head again.
Professor Bill (Mr. Cyber)
Comic Book University (Death Ray Satellite)
Class dismissed (Hail Hydra)
[Editor’s note: Assistant Web Editor Doug here, using my electro-magnetic powers to breach the gap between our world and the Marvel Universe. Thanks to Professor Bill/Mr. Cyber’s monologuing here on the website, and the awesome power of meta-knowledge shared by me and the rest of the Nerdarchy crew in the Marvel Super Heroes RPG, we can hopefully look forward to a few Column Shifts and/or extra karma when next we face our greatest enemy.]
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