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Kickstarter – Deep Madness – Tabletop Miniature Board Game Inspired by Lovecraftian Design

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“Deep Madness is a co-operative miniature board game for 1-6 players, with truly immersive horror  Deep Madness tabletop miniature experiences, highly intense and fast paced combat, and deeply strategical challenges.”

It all starts with a group of investigators deep on the ocean floor.  Something goes horribly wrong and the group is thrown into a world of madness.  If the players can work together to solve the puzzle and stay sane in the amount of turns allotted they will be successful.  If not they will go completely mad.

Deep Madness – Great Source for Tabletop Miniatures

There are two different angles to look at this game with.  The first I will appeal to the miniature lover in

you.  If this is not the case jump down to the Deep Madness board game lover section below.  Right now this game is doing very well and for $100 you get a copy of the game and all the stretch goals. And so far, as I am writing this they have unlocked 32 stretch goals.  That makes for a lot of extra minis.

Deep Madness tabletop miniature

That is, again at present, 143 miniatures for this low price.  By my 119 of these very cool miniatures are usable in any tabletop roleplying game that could deal with Cthulhu and the beyond.

Two of these monsters are Epic Monsters that could very easily be used as your final boss of any cool role playing game.  I would get in on this in a heart beat if you are into minis.  In fact I did

Deep Madness – Awesome Tabletop Board Game

If you are into board games and you happen to like the challenge of going against the game itself rather

deep madness tabletop miniature

than another player stop and go no further.  Deep Madness as made for you.  This cooperative tabletop board game pits players against a scenario in hopes that they not only survive but remain sane as well.  The game unfolds with room tiles so technically though you have played the scenario before it might be revealed differently as well as you have different characters with unique abilities to make each game different as well.

Backing Deep Madness on kickstarter allows you to not only get the game first and with extras that will not be in the box when it is sold in stores but there are miniatures that are only available by backing the kickstarter.

“Investigators will have health, resilience, sanity, and escape attributes, as well as irreplaceable unique abilities. Different teams generate different synergies and strategies. They are given many chances to consume their own sanity, to activate abilities, to use the effects of items, and to re-roll dice. However, they are vulnerable when the sanity is low. After an investigator with exhausted tokens manages to kill a monster, the monster will corrupt his mind by permanently flipping the exhausted tokens into madness tokens. As the madness tokens accumulate, horror will haunt the investigators by resolving Madness Cards.”

So there you have short and sweet.  Be sure to check out their Kickstarter and get your self a sweet board game and a load of awesome miniatures.  Deep Madness a tabletop miniatures board game will not disappoint.  You can back the kickstarter here.

Deep Madness – Tabletop Miniature Board Game Inspired by Lovecraftian Design
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