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Explore the MMO Marketplace in Safety with MMOAuctions Kickstarter

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If you have ever tried to sell any of your online gaming goods, you know what a minefield it is. The web is filled with shady websites that are only waiting to snatch your account details and strip it of everything that represents any value. Online gaming goods trading needs a service that puts transaction security as their top priority.

A safe MMO marketplace

MMOAUCTIONS.com is a Kickstarter project that promises to bring offline and online gamers together in a one huge geek marketplace. But what really sets this apart is the multi-layered verification process that will, finally, ensure the safety of every transaction. The verification filter is divided into six steps to filter out fake email accounts, proxy and VPN/tor users, compromised email addresses, shared accounts and more types of suspicious activity on their website. Further, phone, payment and ID verification will ensure you are trading with a real person. On top of all that devs at MMOAUCTIONS.com created a massive Scam Killer database that gathers data regarding online fraudsters from multiple online trade websites so you can rest easy that the website’s security will enhance even further as the website launches.

MMO marketplace Kickstarter

Apart from the crucial security issue, there are a number of other features that will set this service ahead of its competition: mobile app, advanced vendor tools, middleman service and 24/7 live support just to name a few.

MMO marketplace

The website design is another huge asset. As you can see in the Kickstarter presentation the layout is very intuitive, clean and minimalist with big visible buttons, easy on the eyes without any excess flashiness and unnecessary flair – it’s supposed to be a trading site and its designed that way.

The brief demo illustrates how well coded the service is, responsiveness and adjustability to basically any window size and any resolution is impressive and is very likely to support a wide range of platforms.

Although security is the developers’ primary concern a huge emphasis is being made on speed and ease of creating and managing listings. Creating an offer takes a single minute and entire transaction panel is very intuitive and user-friendly.

So if you’re an avid online gamer and are tired of shady, badly designed and insecure websites then MMOAUCTIONS.com should peak your interest. The Kickstarter project just launched so make sure to keep track!

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  • MMOAuctions.com
    March 2, 2018 at 12:18 pm

    We will be hosting our very own live stream!
    Going Live, March 2, at 11am PST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST / 8pm CET

    A glimpse of what our site looks like, how fast and easy it is to create and find offers, also we’ll give you a sneak-peek into our Scamkiller database.

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