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Kobold Press Deep Magic: Elemental Magic Review

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What’s up, nerds? We’ve got something awesome to talk about today, and I’m particularly excited to be presenting it to you because Deep Magic: Elemental Magic from Kobold Press is all about elemental spells and other supplemental material of that ilk for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Deep Magic elemental magic kobold press
Deep Magic: Elemental Magic from Kobold Press adds new options for spellcasters, magic items and more to your fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons game.

So let’s get down to the basics. This book is really more of a booklet. It’s 16 pages long, an easy read, but don’t let that deter you – they make every inch of space count. The only really fluffy part is the introduction and after that it’s all stuff you can use. Design credit for Deep Magic: Elemental Magic goes to Dan Dillon, with cover and interior art by Marcel Mercado.

Elemental Magic starts off strong with an elemental Sorcerous Origin for sorcerers. At a glance that might seem redundant. After all genasi exist, but that isn’t the case at all. I really feel like these abilities give you a lot the genasi doesn’t to begin with (and, at least I feel, probably should have), including resistance, and eventually immunity, to the damage type associated with your element.

There are two fantastic feats in the book, more notably one that allows you to pass saving throws against extreme temperatures for a number of days equal to your Constitution or Wisdom modifier. It goes by which one is lower, but if you have a Dungeon Master who’s a stickler for that kind of thing it’s nothing to sneeze at.

There is also an Otherworldly Patron (The Genie Lord) for warlocks, which has a list of specific Genie Lords you can take corresponding to the elements, an Elemental Arcane Tradition for wizards (that does eventually allow you to gain resistance to your chosen element type), seventeen new spells and a new magic item.

I cannot tell you how much I love the flavoring of the Genie Lord. That entire section of the book just evokes the scent of spices and the sounds of a desert bazaar. You would think these things would start to get repetitive after a while, but they really don’t. There is a clear difference in the sheer vibe between these different subclasses.

The spells are awesome, the kinds of things you’d grab for if you wanted to run an Avatar: The Last Airbender campaign. There are a lot of spells to shape the terrain and the elements. The attack spells are good enough that you’ll want to use them but not so good they will make your DM want to tear their hair out. There’s a good attack cantrip in pummelstone, and pyroclasm is everything I’ve ever wanted out of a fire based evocation.

deep magic
What new spell is this? Looks pyroclasm-y to me.

I do have one complaint, and it’s that there’s only one magic item. I would have liked to see more interesting objects in this section of the book, rather than only one. But let’s be honest, my one complaint is that I want more.


This supplement did absolutely everything it should have. It gave a set of intriguing and  well-balanced character options, and simply reading it inspired me to DM a desert campaign. It was an easy read, it was well organized, the art was phenomenal, and it sparked ideas left and right the whole way through.

In other words, I adored it. If you have a love of elemental things, or you want to run a character who could have stepped out of Avatar, this one’s worth picking up.

If you enjoy Deep Magic: Elemental Magic, you should check out Dillon’s other book released about the same time, Genies Great and Small: 21 New Genies of Zakhara. This Dungeon Master’s Guild exclusive presents new material inspired by one of Dillon’s favorite campaign settings from D&D history, Al-Qadim. The two books definitely share thematic elements, and fans of the genre or flavor of Elemental Magic will find a lot to like in there. Down below you’ll find more information about how to get a special one-time discount from the DM’s Guild.

“There is definitely some interplay (and sidebars in each that point to the other). Gen familiars in genies make a great option for Pact of the Chain Genie Lord patron warlocks in Elemental Magic.” – Dan Dillon

Where to get Deep Magic: Elemental Magic

“But Nerdarchy,” you’re wondering, “where can I get a copy of Deep Magic: Elemental Magic from Kobold Press so I can play with all the elemental toys inside?”

Nerditor Doug here with the answers you seek!

Deep Magic: Elemental Magic is available right now at the Kobold Store in PDF format for $2.99. That’s a steal, folks. The Deep Magic series has already added a ton to my own home game in the form of Void Magic and Illumination Magic. Like Megan, I find so much great stuff in this and other Deep Magic titles. Check ’em out!

The material will also be available in the near future at DriveThruRPG. If you visit any of the DriveThruRPG family of sites, be sure to check this out first to find out how to save extra money on purchases and learn about some cool upcoming sales and events.

Let us know what you think about Deep Magic: Elemental Magic in the comments below. What’s your favorite part? Have you used any of the content in your D&D game?

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