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kickstarterHey Nerdarchists and Dice lovers.  Sorry for the late article today we had a little snafu with the scheduling so this is me throwing something up there for you.

If you are a gamer like I am I am sure you love dice.  I have more dice than I am willing to count in my gaming collection, that means dice that are not part of board game components.  I can say without issue that the number is at least in the hundreds.  And yet every time I come upon something new I am eager to add it to the collection.

Are You a Dice Lover?

I just stumbled upon this kickstater for custom made metal gaming dice.  These dice are made by Trayser Metal Works which is based in Portland Oregon.  They have been at work for over 2 years perfecting their process and methods, honing their craft if you will.  After 2 years they have made enough dice loverthat people keep wanting more so they need to ramp up production and in order to do that they need some new equipment.

At only $14 a die, steep for a plastic die, but an awesome deal when you feel the weight of a solid metal die in your hand.  They offer lots of design and metal options as well.

I honestly count over 20 different die types so if I had unlimited funds I could still go broke buying all the options.  I kid but there are so many cool designs just trying to make a choice is hard.  But if that were not enough I am amazed that you also get your choice of metals as well.  gaming dice

You get to choose from Yellow Brass, Ancient Bronze, Aluminum Alloy and White bronze.  With an expected product release of August 2016, it could arrive just in time for my birthday.  So why not go check out their kickstarter?

So thanks for checking this out.  Until Next Time Stay Nerdy!


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    yea, its an incredibly tempting kickstarter for sure. my extra money went into Sly Flourish's latest project, though. i've got to cut back … for now.

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