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3 Most Broken Dungeons and Dragons Combos| D&D Discussions

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We’ve decided to take some of our old videos, give their thumbnails a facelift, and why not transcribe them here on the website. This video 3 Most Broken Dungeons and Dragons Combos comes directly from our D&D Discussion playlist. It is currently our most popular D&D video on the channel with the most views.

3 Most Broken Dungeons and Dragons Combos| D&D Discussions Video

3 Most Broken Dungeons and Dragons Combos| D&D Discussions Video Transcription

Ted: “Hey guys, welcome to Nerdarchy for nerds by nerds. I’m Ted today I’m hanging out with.”

Ryan: “Nerdarchist Ryan.”

Dave: “Nerdarchist Dave.”

Ted: “and today we’re talking the three most broken Dungeons and Dragons, combos.”

Dave: “Hey guys, jumped down in the description below can find Nerdarchy the Newsletter. Get weekly tips as well as learn how to game with Nerdarchy.”

Ted: “Broken combinations, Huh?”

Dave: “Most broken combinations.”

Ted: “ So fifth fifth edition has done really well about trying to limit the things that stack upon each other. And I think there’s only a few things that we’ve encountered that we feel is kind of messed up or broken.”

Ryan: “And most assuredly players who Want to break the game will find a way to break the game.”

Dave: “Yeah, I mean it’s just going to happen. There’s going to be combinations they didn’t think of you can’t play test for everything. You can try. I mean you saw, you saw on Heather’s game with your character eyes you, you kind of broke it in the sense that you’re not going to be, no one’s going to ever sneak up on you and are never going to be fall susceptible to traps.”

Ted: “ So like I designed him to really be able to notice, notice things. He took the observant feat because he was human so he had that at at first level. It really fit with with his story campaign started at a, at a higher level. He was a combination of ranger and rogue because he was designed as, he’s a hunter, he’s on a revenge mission. But the things that really worked well for him he had a decent wisdom score. I used my roguish expertise because it’s, there’s no limitations on what you use those for, for expertise on perception and investigate. You link that with observant and those things become ridiculous. By the time this character was done, he had a passive perception of 30 highest number in the game by by, you know, by RAW and it’s like yeah I saw that.”

Ryan: “There is nothing that could sneak up on him.”

Ted: “Dave and I had conversations about this, you know off air numerous times about well there’s a number of things that this DM could have done to give you negatives to that situation but.”

Ryan: “but then it becomes a 25 if you’re just using the passive disadvantage mechanic, it’s a negative five so 25 is still pretty damn flipping good.”

Dave: “ You can maybe get it down to a 15 like with dim lighting, moving your normal speed and not paying attention.”

Ryan: “By RAW. The way disadvantage work you only apply advantage or disadvantage once if it’s at disadvantage. I mean unless you have to house rule additional disadvantage for the.”

Ted: “There are, there are things for, you know, the, those specific conditions. But like the DM didn’t feel that it was worth getting into. She was like, I’m just not going to deal with this. Like, and I, and I asked numerous times, I’m like, do you, do you want me to change characters. Do you want me to not take this Like I didn’t make it to break the game. I made it because those things made sense for that particular character.“

Ryan: “is that you do just you throw things at them that have the ability where like.”

Dave: “False appearance.”

Ryan: “False appearance ability.”

Ted: “And there was a little bit of that in the game and I’m certain that there are some player, but look at this. I’m like, no, that’s.”

Dave: “Did you have alertness?”

Ted: “I don’t know whether I eventually took that as well.”

Dave: “that that’s like the capstone on breaking that down.”

Ted: “that that definitely is the next bit because then it’s like, all right, you’ve already got a high dex score because I was playing an an archer. You toss on alertness up. I can’t be surprised.”

Dave: “What it does. What it does is you just can’t be surprised. So for the false appearance, it kind of doesn’t negate it, but it doesn’t affect you the way it’s going to affect the rest.”

Ryan: “It’s like, that’s cute. I’m going to take my turn now.”

Dave: “Yeah, we’ll we’ll roll initiative and.”

Ryan: “We’ll see what goes on. I’m probably going to win by the way.”

Ted: “Because you’ve got that plus five the high dex going.”

Ryan: “I even feel like too though would I as a GM and less the character was blatantly not paying attention with us with disadvantage. I feel like a 30 DC if that’s the highest and the game. Yeah that statute just slightly moved twitched a little bit you might want to do is not 30 is is like ungodly like nothing can mess with you. That’s like seeing invisibility.”

Ted: “and that was and it was essentially one of the, one of the correlations that we had made and my passive investigate, which is only ever mentioned under the observant feat as you know almost as high. but because it was based off”

Ryan: “Of intelligence.”

Ted: “intelligence rather than wisdom and it was crazy going off of what you had said about alertness that Kinda is another kind of sorta broken combination. So if you take a bard with alertness because they get half of their proficiency Mod too initiative. You stack that with, with initiative and a good dex or with alertness and a good dex, you can have a initiative modifier in the double digits”

Ryan: “Plus 15 if you know, if you have a 20 level character, if they get to have half their proficiency.”

Ted: “So 20 20 dex, alertness, you can get up to a 13.”

Dave: “When you consider you can’t roll less than a one and that’s a 14. So it’s like, yeah, that’s almost like you’re going to go 1st 75% of the time. So.”Warlock

Ted: “Indeed so like.”

Ryan: “she played if that.”

Dave: “that’s only if you roll 1’s.”

Ryan: “and if that Bard happens to be a halfling , they get to reroll it.”

Dave: “Oh yeah. That would make it even more ridiculous.”

Ted: “So yeah, I think that would be definitely a messed up combination. And I know you were talking about a double class build.”

Ryan: “Yeah. So if, if you do a combination of warlock and sorcerer.”

Ted: “Which happens to work out cause they’re both charisma based.”

Ryan: “Cause they’re both charisma based. Yup. Not having running into any problems there. Uh, we, we kind of haggled over like two levels of warlock or Three”

Ted: “two levels or five.”

Ryan: “Yeah, well, well even three significant to two or three because we did want all the invocations. So if we go to fifth level for warlock, you can do all the alterations on your eldritch blast to make it super awesome with the eldritch spear, to double the distance, there’s the one that knocks enemies back.”

Ted: “Repelling blast.”

Ryan: “Repelling blast. And then there’s also agonizing blast I believe is the one that you add your charisma modifier. You’re at least going to want the one, uh, eldritch spear and agonizing blast because you’re going to max out charisma may as well really make it hurt. Now you take spell sniper, so it goes from I think 150 to 300. Uh, when you take eldritch spear, then you take spell sniper, which is going to the table 600 feet now.”

Ted: “As a sorcerer.”

Ryan: “As a sorcerer. You can also do distance spell, which is going to double again. So 1200 feet out you can ping people. So the kicker would be is if you take the, the um, the repelling blast to push them another 10 feet insult or injury. So push them a little bit like out from like a mile away, like ridiculousness.”

Everyone: “Yeah a quarter mile.”

Ryan: ”That’s pretty nasty. And then, uh, on top of that, your combination with your warlock and your sorcerer if you’re getting sufficient short rest, which while you’re pushing people from a thousand over a thousand feet away, you have time to probably take some, some rest in sack out, some spells here and there and you’re be able to convert those warlock spell slots they could probably barely going to use anyway into more sorcery points.”

Dave: “That’s the other place. So, you know, the, the crux of the matter is two, three or five. And what what you were talking about there is how many of invocations do you want? Do you want to get the two or the three? Do you want to get the Pact Boon, which you know.”

Ryan: “Pact of the tome for sorcerer. Super Awesome.”

Dave: “It’s going to be very useful.”

Ted: “If you’re focusing on just the, eldritch blast. You don’t necessarily need to go with.”

Dave: “but it gives you the character, another dimension.”

Ted: “That’s true.”

Dave: “So, but here’s the other thing, right You have to look at what at what levels do the spells does a spell level increase for the warlock because this is really important because that’s how many sorcery points you’re going to be able to get back.”

Ryan: “For sacrificing it out.”

Ted: “If you go to fifth level, your spell slots become third.”

Ryan: “Yeah.”

Dave: “So what we’ll level do they go to second?”

Ted: “Third.”

Dave: “Yeah. So third that actually is more optimized”

Ryan: “Fifth, if you really want to double down the invocations, I could even see things in the, in the feats, the way you have feats, they give you like a taste of another class. I could absolutely see a feat that gives you an invocation and maybe like a warlock spell. So it’s kind of like our contracted, you’re, you’re a temp hire for a fey fey power or some other, uh, you know, being.”

Dave: “Well, the other thing too, they will end up happening that’s kind of interesting is that it expands your spell list.Yeah.”

Ryan: “Being able to be a ritual caster as, as a sorcerer is huge.”

Dave: “Well, no, I mean even just the, your, your warlock spells become spells you can use any spell slot for. So that’s the other thing. It’ll expand your repertoire that way too. So there’s numerous ways where that building is kind interesting and has broken capabilities, but as an addendum I will say in the dungeon, 1200 feet useless. There are so many circumstances where 1200 feet is just going to be useless because you’re like 800 beyond beyond what you would have needed anyway.”

Ryan: “Now this character is a natural born awesome sailor to have ship the ship combat on, or if you’re in like a tower and pinging people from far away, they’re like anything that you kind of our defensive capability against things and, and aggressors.”

Ted: “The enemy is approaching. Yeah. cantrip, cantrip, cantrip.”

Dave: “Yeah you, You just become an LG. A eldritch blast Gatling gun.”

Ryan: “Yeah. And so we were talking about too with the idea of this build getting, if you do get up to two levels of warlock and uh, 18th of say chaos sorcerer or wild mage wild magic source or uh, getting 18th level of the capability spell bombardment, you take that with a, with war casters. So this way you can cast the spells, as a reaction you get to spell bombardment had add extra die more frequently. So I think that’s, that’s a good natural fit if you’re going to go for that smaller dip of a, of warlock.”

Ted: “Eldritch spear got, got a decent die of damage. So with Spell bombardment and being able to go off every, every round, I mean just, just having the off chance of getting an extra die on a cantrip . You’re 20th, 20th level, that’s, that’s five d 10. We’re worth of dice that you’re shelling out every time you cast that cantrip. Okay. One of those doubles. Great. What do you guys think about a broken combinations Have you encountered something else in your game Put it in the comments below while you’re at it. Don’t forget to like share and subscribe.”

Dave: “ Yeah. Tweet at us. Tweet them at us on Twitter @nerdarchy.”

Ryan: “and you can also form a pact with us on Patreon.”

Ted: “So until next time.”

Everyone: “Stay nerdy!”

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