The Magic Devourer, the Mage Eater for D&D 5e | Quick Monster Creations


Quick monster creations for D&D 5e are very easy to make in this edition. As long as you can find a decent starting point your custom monster creation will go smoothly. Sometimes one just needs to have a vague concept in mind like myself and the Nerdarchists in the video below to produce a magic […]

Nerd Craft | Making a Doll Furniture Spinning Wheel

spinning wheel, spinning wheel, nerd craft

  So probably many of our regular readership would much rather be reading “Wheel of Time” than reading about how I spent my time crafting a spinning wheel, but to those interested in the fine art of nerd craft, please do read on.  If you’ve been following my take on the Grimm’s Fairy Tale of […]

Guest Post – Class Options For Your Steampunk 5th Edition Game – The GM’s Table

Dungeons and Dragons

Hey guys, it’s Bobby from The GM;s Table.  You can check out my blog here.  Or catch me on facebook over here. One of the great additions to Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition is the addition of sub classes.They let you toys with new class options without having to completely reinvent the wheel. With that […]

Board Games in Review – Resident Evil – Deck Building Game

deck building game

Hello my fellow Nerdarchists.  Nerdarchist Ted here and I got another board game to talk about.  I have mentioned other Deck Building games, But today I am going to Talk about Resident Evil.  You have probably played the games.  You have probably watched the movies but did you know you can also play the board […]

The Game of Faces. Teaching Empathy Through the Recognition of Facial Expressions


Everyone plays the game of faces we just don’t see it as a game. But the game is there teaching empathy through our recognition of facial expressions. We categorize those faces in our mind to mean different emotions, thoughts, and feelings. In the popular series, the Game of Thrones, the Game of Faces is based […]

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition – Custom Race – The Simians

custom race

Here for your perusal is my custom race for Dungeon and Dragons 5th edition: The Simians. Deep in the untamed forest lives a race of intelligent Apes and Monkeys.  Whether they exist due to natural evolution or as the result of a druid who began awakening them no one knows for sure.  One thing is […]