The Metabolist, a Psionic custom class for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition | D&D 5e


The Metabolist is a Psionic custom class for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition of my own creation. It is the psionic custom class that had class features similar to the way I will describe them below. So it is only fitting that I show off the almost finished version of the psionic metabolist first. But […]

How to DM- Cheat With The Lazy Dungeon Master

The Lazy Dungeon Master

Hello and welcome fellow nerdarchists. Dave here with a great way to up your RPG gaming skills. It’s called The Lazy Dungeon Master written by  Michael Shea. Don’t worry which edition of Dungeons and Dragons you play this book will be useful. Matter fact I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest you could […]

How To Speeks Goblin|The Necromancer

the necromancer

Hello and welcome fellow nerdarchists. I’m seeing a goblins web-comic which means it must be Wednesday. This week will be putting together a combination of word I never imagined uttering in the same sentence The Necromancer and goblin. Who knew? I never know what to expect from a goblins web-comic. The little green guys could […]

Villains Most Foul Creating A Lich Straight From The 5E D&D Monster Manual


Here is the Nerdarchy Lich Video Welcome fellow nerdarchist. Dave here from Nerdarchy and I’ll be your resident nerdarchist for today guiding you through the horrors of the Monster Manual as we discuss a villain most foul. Nerdarchy was asked to do a video about a 1,000 year old Lich who was a human and […]

Board Games in Review – Smash Up – Science Fiction Double Feature

Smash Up

Greetings Nerdarchists. Nerdarchist Ted here and we get to continue the lovely series of board games in review.  We continue with Smash Up and its next expansion: The Science Fiction Double Feature.  The theme of each expansion continues with 4 new factions to test your mettle. The Factions of Smash Up Like this:Like Loading…