Board Games in Review – Quarriors Light Vs Dark – Dice Games

dice games

Nerdarchist Ted here and we get to yet again dive into the wonderful world of board games.  Today lets talk about Quarriors Light Vs Dark.  Quarriors is a great game at its core that takes the deck building game one step further and lets you have a dice building game so that it is dice […]

8/23/2015-8/28/2015 Nerdy News and Weekly Digest More 5e D&D Content

Dungeons and Dragons

Welcome to another week of Nerdarchy content. This week we’ve covered everything from D&D player’s tips, game master tips, and all kinds of other dungeons and dragons topics. We also have a Nerdarchy fan art submission based off of our chimera video we did. Chimera variant the Golden Chimera by artist- Justin Lewis

Even Old School Gamers have Anxiety Behind the Screen


Everyone has some level of anxiety behind the screen of the Dungeon Master. From the newest of newbies to the 30 year veteran, we all have some feeling of anxiety leading up to a game. After that first day in the captain’s chair many of us expected it to go away but as the Nerdarchy […]

AJ Pickett – The Mighty Gluestick – Designing a Monster

Designing a monster

Designing a Monster for Role Playing Games. By AJ Pickett (aka, The Mighty Gluestick) Off the top of my head, here are my Top Five Factors to consider 1. Is it needed? Is there an existing creature that could just be tweaked a little to fit the new fluff?  (look at monster types per challenge […]

How Gaming (and Nerdarchy) Helped Save Me

Player Agency

2014 is a year I will never forget. In May of that year I lost my wife of 12 years to breast cancer. Then in June my father passed away from stomach cancer. In July an uncle died from a heart attack. Even a beloved family pet passed on soon after. As you can expect, […]

Creation of the Golden Chimera – Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Dungeons and Dragons

Long ago I came up with this creature.  Inspired by the regular Chimera I set out to make something personnel and cool.  I never truly gave it a name because it was more of a unique creature in my mind then one of many.  But over the years the idea has changed and grew. Now […]

Board Games in Review – Thunderstone Advance – Deck Building Game

board games

Greetings fellow adventurers.  Care for a journey into a dungeon filled with monsters?  if you answered yes then Thunderstone Advance is the right game for you.   While this is a deck building game it does require some more strategy than some other deck building games because unlike other games you can either buy or fight […]