Part 4 The Class Features Psychokineticist- 5th Edition Psionics and Psychic Warrior : Dungeons and Dragons

well Part 4 The Class Features Psychokineticist- 5th Edition Psionics and Psychic Warrior : Dungeons and Dragons

WARNING! WARNING!  Homebrew Disclaimer: While they may lift things without raising their hands and light things on fire with their mind these are Psychokineticists from my own imagination, inspired by Dungeons and Dragons as well as my own input. They happen to fit nicely into the mindset and theme of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition […]

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters- Goblins and Their Goblinoid Cousins

D&D Monsters

Hello Nerdarchy reader Nerdarchist Dave here to talk Dungeons and Dragons Monsters “Goblins”. The D&D goblin has been around for as long as the game has existed, actually longer. Goblins have been lurking around folklore and mythology for ages. Goblins and their ilk are classic D&D monsters that we love to hate. It’s one of […]

How to Speeks Goblin| Mistletoe


It’s that time of year again when our goblins have been known to deck the halls, trim the tree, and launch mistletoe. In this weeks webcomic of “How to Speeks Goblin” we look at the time honored tradition of mistletoe. I know gross, but goblins will be goblins. As always if you have an idea […]

Good Dungeon Masters Know The Rules, A Great Dungeon Master Knows How To Break Them

Game Master

Hello Nerdarchy reader it’s Nerdarchist Dave and I’m here to take your Dungeon Master game to the next level. Rule zero of running a RPG game is the Game Master makes the rules. Your number one job as the Game Master, Dungeon Master, Referee, Story Teller, or whatever you are calling the guy or gal […]

Role-Playing Games -Rune Stones and Rune Port Transportation

Hello Nerdarchy fans, Nercharchist Ted here.  Today I want to talk about a potential house rule that you can add to your tabletop role-playing game. Rune port transportation. Now many of you will have played video games that used way points or some form of magic portal allowing easy travel and access to other areas […]

Part 3 The Class Features Continued- 5th Edition Psionics and Psychic Warrior : Dungeons and Dragons

skipping rope

If you are just joining me, Nate the Nerdarch, then you may be asking yourself, “5th Edition Psionics and Psychic Warrior the class features continued? When did Psionics for 5th edition D&D begin?”. Truthfully it hasn’t officially begun but I have been a Psionics fan since 2nd edition and I refuse to be the naysayer […]

How to Speeks Goblin| Linguist


Hello Nerdarchy reader I see a How to Speeks Goblin webcomic so it must be Wednesday. Let’s check in on our little green goblin friends and see what their up to this week. Oh look there is one of the goblins in their natural habitat a cave. He seems to be scrawling something on the […]

How to Find a Gaming Group for Tabletop RPG Games

RPG Game

RPG Gaming Group- How the Hell do You find Gamers   Hey folks Nerdarchist Dave here to talk about the age old question how do I find a gaming group. This can be super easy or herculean sized task especially amongst us tabletop gamers. Let’s face it inside the gaming community there are more socially […]

TableTop Role-Playing – Getting into Character – The Process

Hello Nerdarchy Friends and fans!  Nerdarchist Ted here.  Today we are going to step back lift the veil from the gaming world and talk about the mindset. I have been tabletop role-playing for well over 2 decades.  In this time I have played countless characters both as a Dungeon Master and as a Player Character. […]

Part 2 The Class Features- 5th Edition Psionics and Psychic Warrior : Dungeons and Dragons

psionics pyro

I have a condition. The make my own rules condition. It reasserted itself when I read D&D 5e: Rules Designed to be Broken: A Roleplaying Game Philosophy by Falsteph. I heartily agree that, unintentionally or not, the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition team gave us enough information that we can break those rules where we […]