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Bad Hair Day (PDF)


Bad Hair Day builds on the original Beardomancy and follow up Hairable Ideas with additional Beardomantic subclasses to provide options for every core Fifth Edition class. The strange energy emanated from the Beard Dimension continues grow and gain volume, manifesting in increasingly unusual ways. Things get even hairier with a new Figurine of Fundrous Power, new tools and magical shampoos while perhaps the most famous beardomancer of all shares clippings from his spellbook with two special spells along with the highest level beardomantic magic yet!

  • New Bard College: College of Style and Design
  • New Druid Circle: Circle of Locks
  • New Martial Archetype: Mane Knight
  • New Ranger Archetype: Wig Walker
  • New Otherworldly Patron: The Crinis Spinner
  • 5 New Magic Items including Gantuan Plushie of Fundrous Power
  • 4 New Beardomancy Spells including Custom Spells Designed by Ordo Wonderbeard
  • Reprints 12 Beardomancy Spells Available to New Subclasses


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