Ultimate Digital Collection


The ultimate collection!

We bundled up all the digital content from Nerdarchy the Store into this Digital Shelf Buster package ready to drop right into your Fifth Edition game. We create content for Game Masters and players alike. Our digital archives include adventures and encounters, detailed NPC friends and foes, new monsters and magic items, minigames, skill challenges and more to test the mettle of adventurers. Players can discover new subclasses, races, backgrounds, feats, spells and new ways to use existing mechanics like hit dice, skill and tool proficiencies.

The Digital Shelf Buster for Fifth Edition includes the following PDF products:

  • Arbor Jade
  • Beardomancy
  • Bestiary of Benevolent Monsters
  • Chimes of Discordia: Fantastical Mounts
  • Croak Hollow
  • Death Pit
  • Empusia, the Soul Curator
  • Fane of the Frost Wyrm
  • Forgotten Oasis
  • Friends, Foes and Foils Folio
  • From Hit Dice to Heroics
  • Frost King
  • Garden of Statuary
  • Gaze of the Void Eye
  • Hairable Ideas
  • Horris the Horned Lord
  • Krinch Who Stole Father Winter’s Day
  • Lord of Dead Dreams
  • Maze of Mandoon
  • Muckwuggle the Frog God
  • North Road 01: Death & Taxes for 5th Edition
  • Order of the Wizened
  • Secrets of the Vault: Friend or Foe Vol. 1
  • Secrets of the Vault: Lost Lore Vol. 1
  • Secrets of the Vault: Lost Lore Vol. 2
  • Secrets of the Vault: Mage Forge Vol. 1
  • Secrets of the Vault: Mage Forge Vol. 2
  • Secrets of the Vault: MM 1
  • Taking Chances
  • Treasures of the Tundra
  • Trip to the Planar Zoo
  • Vargarian Collection
  • Winter Court Soiree
  • Wizard’s Wake
  • Wyestone Horror
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