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ZOECon and Me, A Quick Look Ahead at the Zombie Orpheus Entertainment Convention

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Hey Nerdarchy, staff writer Asa here, fresh from my adventure at ZOEcon. For those of you who don’t know, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment are the creators and producers who brought us Journey Quest, Dark Dungeon and Masters of the Metaverse. They are also the people responsible for The Gamers. Now that we are all caught up let’s talk ZOEcon, a convention to celebrate their fans and creators.

Zombie Orpheus convention ZOECON

ZOECon experience

I am no stranger to conventions. I love a good comic con as much as the next nerd, but in this situation I was a virgin. Going into ZOEcon I did not know what to expect. Like many Dungeons & Dragons fans I watched The Gamers and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.

Shortly after my life changed dramatically. Sadly the change had nothing to do with those two movies. There was a period in my life where I did not make time for gaming, so nerd culture fell out of my peripheral. It wasn’t until I started writing for Nerdarchy that things like Journey Quest and Demon Hunters came across my desk. Before I had the time to delve into the Zombie Orpheus catalog I was approached by Nubz with an offer to attend ZOEcon. Like a good minion I accepted on the spot and I am so glad I did.

ZOEcon exposed me to so many incredibly written and fun projects, some of which I will review for your reading pleasure. I have years of catching up to do and I can’t wait, but before I start any of that I want to give my raw impression of the convention while the experience is still fresh.

my own twitter @Randomized_Guy

My adventure started with a tweet. I took a ferry from a small island off the coast of Washington State followed up by a two hour car ride to the Seattle area, with some shenanigans including a visit to the Space Needle (although we didn’t go up). A short night at a friend’s place and then off to the convention.

When I arrived at the Red Lion Hotel and found the line to sign in, consisting of about twenty people, I started to have my doubts. With a turn out like this how big could these Zombie Orpheus people really be? Turns out size doesn’t matter (for a film studio they are pretty small after all) because their content blew me away.

Within a few minutes of going through the doors I met some people who would be my anchor for the rest of the weekend. (More about them in another article, except to say, thank you Alex, Jon and Woody, you are great guys.) The rest of the day was spent watching three pieces of entertainment, &@Hamlet, Dark Dungeon and Attacking the Darkness. After watching countless Q & A’s and gathering a few memorable quotes the time came for the premiere of Strowlers.

The convention proper

The weekend was full of events, names, faces and conversations that impacted me in a way words cannot describe. The sneak peak of Strowlers was the event that became my obsession. Over the next few weeks I will do my best to give the Nerdarchy community a clear understanding of what makes this show so ground breaking and so personal. In the meantime, be content that it will be available to you in only a few short months (more like half a year).

Promotional image on the Strowlers kickstarter

Saturday started decently early, although I missed the waffle breakfast. The highlight of the day was watching the final episode of Journey Quest season 3 and an exclusive script read of the first five episodes of season 4. No spoilers but from what I heard season 4 will be the best yet.

Although I sat in on a bunch of panels and learned a new game, Saturday was a networking day. I mostly met new people, collected cards and listened to their stories. A gentleman named Wilson made an impact on me with his web series Dark Darkness and I am excited to back a new card game once Brain gets the Kickstarter in the works. Look for more on these project in later articles. Saturday ended with a blast as I watched Masters of the Multiverse for the first time. If you go back and watch the game you might even hear me shout out a few suggestions. (Play the quiet game Crash.)

Sunday I came to the game late (misread the schedule and pun intended). The day was not extremely eventful, since I missed most of the morning events (I am on a roll). Nubz, Chris and I did manage to interview five members of the Zombie Orpheus team. The con didn’t just fizzle though, it was punctuated with a wedding. You heard me, a wedding. How many conventions have you been to with a wedding? Family, friends and fans alike, got to participate in the wedding of Christian Doyle and Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe. As only is appropriate with this group, the ceremony was fun, silly and fairly improvised. The reception was open to all attendees of the convention, and despite my attack of sudden-onset-introversion, it was incredible. At some point Christian murdered Chibichan (a reference to The Gamers: Hands of Fate) so stuff got real. Sadly all good things must come to an end. Even though I was one of that last people to leave, eventually I did, with a handful of gifts and merchandise, and a brain full of memories.

From the @deadgentlemen on twitter


Thank you Zombie Orpheus for all the great work you have done and will continue to do. Nerdarchists, I recommend you check out their movies, shorts and series, you wont be disappointed. Now if you will excuse me, I need to finish watching The Gamers: Hands of Fate.

From the Nerditor’s desk

Did you know an Amazon Prime membership includes a Twitch Prime subscription token (even the 30-day trial version)? You can find The Gamers, Journey Quest, and more from Zombie Orpheus Entertainment on Amazon and while you’re there preorder Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes and whatever other cool nerdy swag and RPG accessories you find.

Also, how cool is it that Asa and Nubz went to ZOEcon representing Nerdarchy? They both had a great experience from what I hear and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you here on the website.

What conventions are on your circuit this year? Let us know in the comments below and if you’re at ConCoction, Origins or Gen Con keep an eye out for Nerdarchy!

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