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World of DarknessWell, faithful Nerdarchy reader, I have done it. I have dipped my dainty size 14 toe into the pool of the 21st century, and how it has changed gaming forever. See, when I first started gaming in 1989, these kind of tools were not readily available. Though thanks to the way my father raised me, I have a mind for extrapolating numbers from any given source. Be it the trajectory of a ball in flight, the stress levels of the bridge I am driving over, or even the population census from the lore of a series of role playing games. To this end, I started a project this week based on various bits of lore I have found in the World of Darkness for purposes of making it easier to understand the true dire situation of the monsters in that world.

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Werewolf: Apocalypse series speaks many times of how the Garou are a dying breed, of how their numbers are falling and how the veil is there to protect the Garou. Furthermore, the Vampire: The Masquarade series tells of how the vampires would be doomed if their presence was revealed to the humans. This calculator truly shows what this is in tangible numbers. To put this in Dungeons & Dragons terms, enough peasants roll against the dragon, and the pin prick criticals would bring even Tiamat down. World of Darkness gives vague estimates at times of how many of the supernaturals there are in the world, and at a 1:100,000 ratio at best, you can see why the numbers are against the supernaturals in the case of an all out war.

To break down the Tabs I have on the current version of this spreadsheet:

  • Population – This is the tab that you will spend 99% of your time on. By naming the area you are in (blue area) and then the population of the area (white area), it will auto populate the information you are seeking (yellow areas). If you are running a high werewolf population game, I would suggest you round up the decimals. If you are running a low werewolf population game, I would suggest rounding down. If balanced, simply wait until whole numbers pop up, and poof, you got a werewolf!
  • Stats – This is the area where all the numbers are pulled from. Add cells here and you break EVERYTHING. That being said, don’t touch the yellow areas as these are simply titles and such. The cyan areas are where you input your numbers. Where you see decimals, make sure to use decimals that add up to 1. The orange area is stuff I am working on for future versions, so ignore that. The red area is the Black Spiral Dancers, and as such do not add to the Werewolf population numbers but rather draw from them.
  • Key – This tab is just to explain what the colors do on all the tabs. I stated that you read this first so you don’t inadvertently mess something up, and because I put the disclaimer on this page.
  • Version History – What I have done and what I will do. Nothing to see here, move along. But seriously, nothing functional here.

English: A 18th century engraving depicting a ...
An 18th century engraving depicting a wolf attack from Johann Geiler von Kaisersberg’s Die Emeis (1516) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started doing this spreadsheet to help my own gaming table, but with the expressed interest of users and readers such as yourself, I decided to take it beyond the original scope of what I needed and create something more. I admit it is still focused on the Werewolf side of the World of Darkness, but I will be updating for vampires, hunters, Fera, etc. No timeline for that, as I do have a life, but this project has been fun, and as long as it remains so, I don’t see why there won’t be a fairly rapid pace of updates.

Now, one thing I was asked on the Facebook Werewolf groups was, “Where did you get your numbers?” Well, my first response was inspired by “The Rock” with the statement, “It doesn’t matter where I got my numbers!” because the sheet is fully customizable to answer any personal touches your version of the World of Darkness has. But since the purpose of this article is actually to address that question, I will give an overview of how I placed my numbers and the numbers that the tool will have for the base line model.

I poured over the lorle for many years, and from this I pulled a few easy to see facts.

  1. Red Talons are all Lupus, but their numbers are tiny.
  2. Wendigo are purists that have maintained a balance among the breeds, but have small numbers.
  3. Silent Striders have an almost non-existent metis population with their nomadic ways.
  4. Silver Fangs and Shadowlords both have small but protected Lupus populations
  5. Children of Gaia and Bone Gnawers are accepting of Metis from all walks of life, and as such they hold large numbers of such.
  6. Glasswalkers and Bone Gnawers have nearly extinct wold kinfolk populations. As such, their Lupus populations are tiny.
  7. Get of Fenris are accepting of Metis, if they can prove themselves.
  8. All tribes, save Red Talons, are homid heavy as world wolf populations are dropping.
  9. I don’t recall where, but I remember seeing somewhere that only 10% of the Garou population is currently around 10% for most tribes with the exceptions mentioned here.
  10. Stargazers are not only leaving to the Beast Courts, but were never a very large strain to begin with.
  11. Children of Gaia accept stragglers from other tribes, and the Bone Gnawers breed en masse. As such, their population numbers are bigger.
  12. The Uktena are fully okay with Metis as long as they pursue knowledge. As such, they have an above average level of such.
  13. I based the distribution of the werewolf tribal population on the descriptions of population described in the old tribe books, the various errata and secondary books such as the Rage Across the World type of books, and finally, the various comments within the 20th Anniversary book. With the preference on the latter.
  14. The population of the Black Spiral Dancer werewolf tribe is stated as outnumbering the Garou nation around 2:1 ratio, and having half of that being Metis.
  15. I then filtered this knowledge through the real world knowledge of world wolf populations and which breeds are endangered or extinct.
A German woodcut of werewolf from 1722.
A German woodcut of werewolf from 1722. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beyond this, I filled it out with what seemed logical to me, such as rank 6 being less than 1% of the Garou population (or 1 for every 20,000,000 humans). Cubs/pups tend not to stay that way for long, so their numbers are low. As an active Garou can achieve rank 2 fairly fast, and even the average Garou can hit rank 3 if they stay alive, the bulk of the werewolf population remains there. The numbers start to drop off at rank 4 and 5, which is recognized in the population curve. Given that the moon’s rotation and birth rates are fairly constant, I put the base line population for every auspice at 20% each. Please note that these numbers can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Interesting note: During war time, more males are born within a population and afterwards, more females are born. Not sure why this is, but I have read this more than once and have heard it from various people born long ego enough to remember such. Werewolf has stated that more ahroun and galliards are born during war time, so you could adjust the werewolf population as such.

Where do we go from here? Well, I have had requests to fit other scary monsters such as the vampires and changelings into my spreadsheet, and intend to get those in soon. Maybe if we get more Patreons, I will be able to create similar products for Dungeons & Dragons and such. I think I would like to do so, and might even be interested in creating apps for Android and Apple (more so the former, as I have an Android and know how they work). We shall see how that works out. Oh, if it matters, the file at the download link was created using Open Office. I could not get WordPress to except Office files, but this should be compatible with anything.

What would you like to see on such? Any suggestions for future versions? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Stay Nerdy,


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