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vampireTo talk of the Nosferatu I came to see, I need only speak of the golden age of movies, back in the days when silent films giving way to talking pictures had slain the careers of many. But one of the greats, known as Golden Gary, survived. He had style, and he had grace, he had everything that one could hope for. But what he also had was one of the most mysterious disappearances of Hollywood history. The truth is, he was embraced by the Nosferatu clan of vampire and rendered to be one of the ugliest beings ever known to man. Yeah, he gained power beyond most people’s wildest dreams, but he had lost the very dream he had been living.

That is why I came to this run-down theater and its classic movie Sundays. That is why I came to learn, to study, and to see the man who comes every single week. The man who wears a wide brimmed hat with long coat. This man, who never orders food or drink, has always sat in the shadows and never missed a show. The man who I see has a single bloody tear shimmering in the light of the silver screen just as the star, Golden Gary, makes his appearance.

nosferatuThe Nosferatu clan of Vampires are unique in many ways, but the most obvious of which is not hard to tell. Though their clan weakness is also just one part of them, and not even the most important part, if you ask me. See, these vampires behave in ways that are completely alien, yet all too familiar to their fellow Camarilla brethren. Stick around and learn about the twice damned, the shadowy experts of intelligence and the most terrifying to behold vampires around.

Well, let’s jump in on the most obvious trait of the Nosferatu. See, the Nosferatu were founded by a very vain hunter, and like many of the Antediluvians, said vampire was cursed in a way that was both effective and ironic. Forever more the Hunter and all its progeny were cursed to be forever a reflection of the monster within. This fate, the second curse these vampires must suffer, renders every single one of them as ugly or unattractive as one could imagine. One could argue that this is a perk on the mechanical level, as it frees them to spend their attribute points elsewhere, though one must be very careful to not break the masquerade or any mirrors.

The curse of the Nosferatu is also what leads them to their greatest assets. See, the Nosferatu have used their solitude and self-imposed exile to give them time to master skills most could only dream of. One that springs to mind is the Schrecknet circle of hackers, who frankly are beyond the capabilities of anything we have seen from any natural hackers. I would be unable to answer who has the most reach or power among the World of Darkness hackers between the Technomancer mages, the Glass Walker werewolves, and the boys and girls of Schrecknet. Though if I had to pick the most dedicated and skilled, it is definitely the Nosferatu, as they do all their skills with no magic, technospirits, or anything supernatural. With this they have learned the secret workings of the world, won and lost fortunes, and even done some good (and bad) within the world by exposing the secrets that were too big to hide, such as a certain politician’s tax returns or another’s lost e-mails.

Next up and also tied to the Nosferatu curse is the feeling of anger, hate, and revenge that comes with the change. The Nosferatu have a habit of taking out their feelings on others. This includes purposefully seeking out those who could use getting knocked down a peg. Like movie stars, lookers, music artists, and the like who are living life based on the gifts of their looks. Though these are not the only targets for conversion, they are very often the ones who are taken into the fold. That being said, the Nosferatu are also one of the only vampires of the Camarilla that blatantly group together. When you look as bad as they do, you find community where you can, as the Nosferatu are so hideous to behold that even vampires are not comfortable around them. Thus the Nosferatu make their havens in places far from others, forming cities below or apart from others.

Alrighty, lets get to their powers which are not in and of themselves hyper unique, but as I had discussed elsewhere, it is more how the vampire uses them that defines them. The Nosferatu vampire clan uses their power and mastery of the discipline of obfuscate to increase the range and breadth of their already impressive intelligence network. See, being marked as monsters means they are eternally looking from the outside in as spies and scouts. One does what one can with what they have, right? Beyond the fear instilled by never knowing what they know or what they don’t, the Nosferatu can back up that fear with the super strength provided by the discipline potence. They are a bit like their own hitman, as they can kill you socially as well as physically. What could augment such spying and scaring? How bout the ability to control, speak to, and even see through eyes of animals? You could never know if it was a scout for a Nosferatu or just a pigeon. Fear the pigeon-man.

nosferatuAlrighty, my Net may be cutting out. And so I gotta go early due to the weather, so I need to cut this short. My lights just flickered. Go “snowmaggeddon” Washington 2017! Anyway I don’t want to have this crash while I am writing, as that could seriously damage my computer. So, next week I will cover the Italian criminal family turned necromancer vampire family known as the Giovanni. Well, lights flickered again, so I’ll be off. Sorry!

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