World of Darkness: The Giovanni Vampire

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World of Darkness: The Nosferatu vampire
The Name Game Part I: Characters and Groups of People

GiovanniI stand at the hill, watching as a crypt is raided, or not necessarily raided, as it is not so much a break in as a break out. The new generation of Giovanni stepping out into the night. Followed by, oh my, he has been busy. Look at that, all his cousins are joining him in the march from the grave, but only he was gifted with eternal life. No, like so many from his family, he has cursed them with eternal death. And that my dear friends, is what make the Giovanni special. It’s a dead man’s party. Who could ask for more?

GiovanniThere’s a story, of a man named Giovanni, who was raising up a … slightly psychotic and prone to obsessive hobbies … family of his own …

Well, besides my dark sense of humor, the Giovanni clan of Vampire are a tad odd by any measure of the word. See, they are not Camarilla or Sabbat. They are independent and proud of their ability to stand on their own two feet. See, these boils and ghouls got their start in old money. We are talking really old money, as in the original member of the family is still earning it. Now if the looming presence of the clan’s presence does not make things a bit weird, if not stale, there is also the factor that he is far from the only ancestor lurking around. This is not the end of where it gets weird, but we will get to that soon.

Alrighty, let’s get into the mindset of the Giovanni vampire with the statement that you have to believe you are better than others. You have money, connections, and guidance for anything you wish to achieve. But you also have secrets, secrets that have secrets, and beyond that … you know things that others do not. Your clan is almost entirely made from from members of your biological family. As such, the competition for the position of ghoul, or the coveted position of vampire of the inner circle, is fierce and cut throat. Sister could stab brother in the back, and brother could bury his mother alive for the opportunity to live eternally and learn the secrets that are only known to the undead.

Undead … well, we can jump in on one of the secrets of the Giovanni. This vampire family practices everything there is to do with the dead. Seances, ouija boards, tableau and macabre things ranging from speaking to the dead in person to incestual necrophilia. This family of independent vampires have the gamut of weird, and they keep it such a secret that they are still able to look you in the eye with a smile as they pinch your pocket. See, money is what caused this clan to commit the cruel deeds that has led to the downfall of the Cappodocians and their own rise as the vampire clan we all know and love today. Now this leads to one of the powers of the this clan. Necromancy is not just child’s play games in the Giovanni. They have learned dark arts that turn every thing from Hollywood into child’s play. Though the obvious abilities of talking to the dead are handy, there is also the added bonus of undead slaves, and draining of life. Like the dark side of the Tremere’s Thaumaturgy, the ability of necromancy is versatile and has little in ways of limits. When the dead walk the earth, and all their wisdom is yours, you have a lot of knowledge to draw from.

Backstabbing business deals is probably the best use the Giovanni have for Dominance. But one can also foresee the use of blackmail, gathering fodder for family parties, and to feed the elders of the clan in an effort to curry favor. Beyond this, it works well to gather and maintain servants. Of course when words don’t work, you can always twist their heads off with the super strength available through the discipline of Potence. One can conceive of how an Italian family, associated with crime, can make use of some super-powered made men who are strong enough to make a protection racket on another level. Not to mention Dominate-empowered extortion. Use your imagination and let your made-man side out.

As for the weakness of the Giovanni clan, they are cursed with an unusual one. See, they are not blessed with the ability to leave their victims in bliss through the kiss (the vampire word for feeding on a mortal).  When this vampire clan bites a mortal, they inflict a near mind-altering level of horrific pain upon their victim. There is no paralytic bliss,  no happy experience. Just moment after moment of screaming until your vocal cords tear and your lungs collapse. The world is a scary place, and the bite of the Giovanni should be one thing you fear alongside loading your hand into a paper press. It’s that bad, and even has a mechanical rule that backs it.

vampireAs for politics, the Giovanni are all about the family in a tree of power that has all said power rising to the top. They don’t play in the schemes of the Elyssium of the Camarilla, though they do keep tabs on who is the current movers and shakers. They may even make a few appearances when the time and place suit their needs or there is profit to be made. You should not be surprised to hear that the princes often owe them favors, as they corner the market on Necromancy for the most part. The Sabbat on the other hand have their own Necromancers, ancient horrors who have returned to seek revenge on those who have wronged them. The ones who wronged the Harbingers of Skulls, the Giovanni, are in for a world of hurt when this war of vengeance kicks off. Course the Hubris of the Giovanni clan prevents them from seeing the problem for what it is or how they were asking for it.

Well, that is my touching of bases, or should I say gravestones, for the Giovanni. Next week lets talk briefly on the snakes in the grass, the Followers of Set. I am sure their story is nice and short … oh, wait … my notes say something about ancient Egypt. Oh boy, this is going to be fun. Anyway, I wanted to ask a question of you all before I go.

How would you introduce gaming to your child and at what age?

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  1. Shadow Wolf
    | Reply

    Definitely an awesome article. I remember Enzo Giovanni of Pentex Inc. from Werewolf who as one of the Corporate CEO’s. He took over after Shadow Walker defeated 3 of Pentex’s former CEO’s (Werewolf Chronicles 2). The Giovanni Clan were prominently featured in The Last Supper: The Giovanni Chronicles by Black Dog. And yes, there was another book released that dealt with the Cappadocians called: Clanbook Cappadocian for the Dark Ages setting.

    Very cool article. Alot of the independent clans and Dark Ages setting were very interesting indeed.

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