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World of Darkness: Followers of Set

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SetThere is evil, the serpent that tempted Eve to taste the fruit of the tree of knowledge … and then there is evil that tempts you with a smile, a suit, and promise of what you truly desire. This evil is dangerous because it does not hunt you, you offer yourself to it with a smile. You will sell yourself, heart, mind, and soul. And one night, when you least expect it, you will hear a knock on the door, and the sins of the past will be visited upon you and all those you hold dear. Thus the venom of Set will crawl into your veins, and no anti-venom will save you.

There is a world that is constantly changing and most vampires have trouble evolving with it. This is not true of the Followers of Set, who have found something that never changes. Entire civilizations come and go (and this is why I won’t be concentrating on their past), but sin is a constant that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. It is the commerce of desire, the one you go to when you are at your best, your worst, or anything in between. It is the greed for more, the envy of what you don’t have, or even the wrath of the spurned. It is lust, gluttony, and the sloth to not be able to achieve it on your own. It is a commodity that you will beg for, and the vampire clan known as the Followers of Set will be your dealer. Though when they come for payment, you will pay in ghouled servitude, blood, or worse.

This clan of vampires is one that personifies the mentality of trading favors, but also the mentality of not caring who or what you get indebted to you. They sway without any great pull as to the Camarilla, Anarach, or Sabbat. Though individuals may join any sept, they do commit as strongly as any human commits to a political party. Thusly, you would often hear a Follower of Set identify themselves by their sept as much as their clan. Beyond this, it should be mentioned that the clan has a tendency to embrace anyone from anywhere they land. As such, you can run into Followers of Set from all walks of life and every belief system under the sun. Why is this significant? Because unlike the rebellious Brujah, or the aristocracy of the Ventrue, you have no way of knowing what you will get with a Follower of Set besides the willingness to buy and sell your desires to get ahead. Their similarity to humanity ends there, though, as when the reaper comes a knocking, it is not a human that answers.

vampireNow to get to the base of the way they buy and sell, one must think and picture the classic image of the demon of the crossroads. He appears out of nowhere, suddenly the center of your world and yet indistinguishable  from everyone you ever met. Followers of Set use the discipline of presence to charm, swindle, and sell you on your hopes and dreams. The discipline of Obfuscate allows this dealer of desire to approach, observe and make their exodus without anyone the wiser. It is a frightening debt collector who can watch you without you knowing. Worse yet is they have ways to make being eternally watched not the scariest thing to happen to you.

The Followers of Set are possessors of a unique and varied set powers known as the discipline of Serpentis. With this discipline the Clan of the Followers of Set can strike paralyzing fear. Then again, they can grow scaled armor and a tongue capable of ranged aggravated damage, and even turn into a giant serpent capable of killing any mortals with ease. Yeah, that is all kinds of scary when coupled with the whole stealth thing provided by Obfuscate. But the whole Khali-Ma-stealing-someone’s-heart takes the cake. You late on a payment or thinking of welching? An ancient vampire from Egypt might just walk out of the crowd, steal your still-beating heart from your chest, and disappear into the crowd … only to give your ticker a squeeze whenever you need a reminder of who is in charge. Yeah, they have subtle and overt scary down to an art.

The vampire clan weakness is important to note both for a play style and for role play style. See, they take more damage from sunlight than other vampires and thus will go the extra mile to avoid it. Not only this, but they suffer a penalty to all rolls within bright light. I am sure you can imagine the role play that can be garnered by clinging to the shadows more than any other vampire. We all know that shady guy, and you get to be him.

Role-playing wise, find the proverbial knife and give it a twist. Grow close to your fellow players, find what they want, and make it happen. Then make sure they know you helped them get it. From TV, I would say Crowley of Supernatural fame or Lucifer of The Devil’s Advocate as the best example I could say for an example. Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer, but keep them all owing you. Beyond this, you have an air of mystery and should maintain it. After all, no one can do what you can do, and they fear that. People fear the unknown, and you are the unknown.

SetSo that is a brief touching on the Followers of Set as they are now. Their history is a bit rich, but they have moved with the times. Nonetheless, next time I will be talking about the vampires’ worst nightmare, a vitae-addicted, assassination-trained vampire clan known as the Assamite. Fear is a powerful thing, and this group did something so heinous as to elicit a punishment akin to the clan weaknesses passed down by Caine. What did they do that was so bad? Find out next time with Nerdarchy!

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