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World of Darkness: Enemies of Garou – Pentex and Shapechangers

All right, so we have covered the majority of the werewolf stuff without spoiling your need and desire to pick up the book. What I have only vaguely touched on is the big baddies, beyond the Black Spiral Dancers that is. Well there is many bad guys in this game and I wanted to take today to give you an overview of some things that should pop up in your werewolf chronicle. They don’t all have to, but at least some of them should make an appearance in one shape or sure. Well, let’s jump in and see what is nasty enough to give the Garou pause.

world of darkness garou pentexPentex is the personification of all that is horrible in corporate America. This global company produces every product imaginable from television shows, food, vitamins, weapons, to comic books. The thing is that the company is a front for all the big evils of Malfeas and every single one of their products are designed to corrupt the consumer to the point of possession by banes. Behind closed doors, this leads to the creation of Fomori, super powered mutants that spread corruption and steal souls for the empowerment of their demon masters. Some Fomori can even become as powerful as Garou, and some are no more inhuman than the pretty girl in the bar that you get to take home… and wake up without your soul. Above all on the mortal side is a mix of the most corrupt beings alive, the board members.

What is particularly interesting is that Pentex employs humans, vampires, mages, and every other thing that goes bump in the night. They even subvert the Garou through a Saturday morning television show depicting a militant hero fighting G.I. Joe style against a wolf themed terrorist organization. Seriously, you can not get away from the Pentex corporation. They have spread everywhere, even into the realms of the celestials in that they have perverted the power that created the shapechangers to create werecockroaches, wererhinos, wereorangutans and more. They are the twisted version of the world, and the wyrm is in every fiber of their soul.

world of darkness garou pentexThe Fera are what else changes in this world. Their goals and bosses are the same as the Garou but their methods are different. Fun part is, they don’t get along with the Garou in alot of cases. This harkens back to global wars between the breeds. Now this does not mean they don’t work with the Garou but conflicts arise very often. How you go about this up to you but remember that they never forget that they are not Garou, just other aspects of Gaia’s love.

World of Darkness: Enemies

Werecats (Bastet) are keepers of secrets, they are warriors in every way that Garou are but their abilities are more geared toward being solo. Well, accept for the Simba, werelions, who run in prides. They are mostly in South America and Africa but they spread across the planet.

Werebears (Gurahl) are the healers and are in every sense of the word, the tanks of the the Fera. Durable and capable of surviving damn near anything, including death. They are also very peaceful compared to other fera.

Werecrocodiles (Mokole) are an enigma in that they are tied to the sun more than the moon. Also, their battle form is more akin to dragons and dinosaurs than anything else. Your pack would be careful to give these space as they loathe most Garou, especially the Get of Fenris. Though they have uneasy truces with the Hakken and Stargazers from what I hear.

Wereravens (Corax) are scouts and communicators of Gaia. Before the net and phones, their was the Corax. They are also the children of the sun, to the point that they are vulnerable to gold instead of silver. Not combatants, but still not one you wish to anger.

Weresharks (Rokea, are the stuff of nightmares, and probably the most successful of any of the shapechangers in their original goal. The commandment they were given was to survive, and low and behold they have done so for millions of years. These guys have abilities that make the megalodon seem like a fluffy puppy. There is a particular reason why every other fera has a fear of the water. These guys are #1 on the list.

Wererates (Ratkin) are the one who has gone off the rails the most. Their original plan was to keep the humans from overpopulating the planet. Now, they do this to everything. Plagues, technology, and terrorism is the tools of the rat. They loathe Garou with a passion, and more than a few of these have fallen to the Wyrm. Not combatants but no where on earth will hide you when thousands of these guys swarm you.

Werespider (Ananasi) are the children of neither of the celestials, in fact they are the grand children of the triat. The weaver created their mother who created them. They are cold, calculating, and powerful in their specific abilities. Incredibly hard to kill, like killing a swarm really. Though I would not make jokes regarding raid around them.

Werecoyote (Nuwisha) are the tricksters. They do not have rage, but are also immune to silver. In all other ways they are very similar to the Garou in their structures. Their pranks are meant to teach but can be taken to far.

Werehyena (Ajaba) are the closest Africa has to Garou now. Though they don’t have great numbers and are not true Garou. They have issues with the Simba due to the genocide of their kind at the hands of the Simba pride leader known as Blacktooth.

Beastcourts (Asian Shapechangers) These varied shapechangers come from all different breeds and even some unique to the beast courts like the magic wielding Kitsune. Unlike the rest of the world, these Fera work together in relative harmony for centuries.

world of darkness garou pentexNext up is the humans themselves. Many organizations, government and civilian alike, can present difficulties for the Garou. Besides hiding from the humans behind the veil, those who are aware tend to become hunters in growing numbers. A human with silver can be a danger at very far distances and a human with silver that has been trained as a sniper is a relative nightmare to werewolves.

Beyond this, there is the now dead legendary Samual Haight. A kinfolk who managed to slay just about everything that goes bump, and through dark rituals became a Garou of sorts. Now, what makes this scary is he started a movement of dissatisfied kinfolk now gunning for the skins of Garou to become Garou themselves.

Now as an added bit of fun the humans have their own bits of supernatural. The faith infused hunters, and the reality bending mages. Both of them are their own little bits of fun and just your luck, they each have their own source books and games. Those are way to much fun to try to summarize here, they deserve their own articles. Needless to say, hunter is a lot like Supernatural and mage is a lot like Marvel’s Dr. Strange.

world of darkness garou pentexFinally I will give you a brief overview of the spirits that inhabit… everything. Mind you that everything in existence has a spirit that controls it. Beyond this, their is things in the spirit world that even give the Garou nightmares. Anyway, to focus on some of the bad ghosties…

The least are the gafflings, many are barely aware they are existing. Those that are aware prefer to not be noticed than to make issues.

The jagglings, These small spirits still fighting to make their way in the world. They are more akin to large feral animals than anything. Treat them as such, as they are often hostile.

Next up I will tell you of Incarnae, these are the major players and typically the more powerful spirits fit into this catagory. Think of them as the adult versions of the common spirits. These can be just about anything of power.

Top tier of the usual spirits are the Celestines. These are, for lack of a better description, Luna, Gaia, and Helios. These are spirits so great they cannot be held in the spirit world entirely, as they have a physical presence in the actual world.

Now sitting outside this is a few things worth note. The departed ghosts, and their vengeful Wraith cousins, and all the denizens of the dark umbra encompass what humans normally attribute to spirits. Now not all are issues for the Garou, but one can assume that if it effects the kinfolk, the Garou will get involved.

Above all in terms of power is the triat. The aspects of creation that make up the world. The Wyrm was originally balance but now is destruction. The Weaver was stagnation and order. The Wyld was change and growth. Between the three, all of creation was blessed and prosperous. Sadly, the Weaver bound the Wyrm, driving it insane as it struggles for freedom. The rest is history.

Now Lovecraft was a mortal who saw many things he should not. One of those things, from time before time, is the unimaginable and unfathomable Nexus Crawler. As big as it wishes, and as deadly as all reality can muster. This creature is as powerful as the most powerful incarnae, rivaling even a celestine in some cases. When one of these show up, you know you have done something to piss your storyteller off. May Gaia have mercy on your soul.

world of darkness garou pentexNow this will wrap up my bit on the ghosts and ghoulies of the Garou world. Next week we will be taking a hiatus as there is a special treat coming from my fellow Nerdarchists. What is it? A surprise of course! Now, when I return, I will be jumping to the other side of the night with my first article covering Vampires, which is why I did not cover them here. Let’s have some fun at night shall we?

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Did I miss something? Have any Questions or Comments? Feel free to message me at www.facebook.com/NubzTheZombie or at nubz.the.zombie@gmail.com

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World of Darkness: Enemies

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