Warner Bros, Your Dungeons and Dragons 2017 Movie Script Is Broken – Here Is the Fix

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An Open Letter to Warner Bros

Let me start by saying that on the Dungeons & Dragons 2017 Movie, I am very happy with many of Dungeons & Dragonsthe decisions you (as a company) are making. You are pulling this film together with a solid investment of money, excellent actors, a superb script writer and a skilled director. Thank you for how well you have respected the Dungeons & Dragons brand thus far, taking seriously the task of turning this classic American Game into a movie.

Unfortunately, your script is broken. I know this because you were kind enough to share the basic shape of the script publicly so that the Dungeons & Dragons community can know the direction you are heading. (I am truly thankful for this transparency.) Having read what Script Write David Leslie Johnson has planned I can tell there is one major problem with the movie.

You are focusing on the fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons. You are focusing on the races and classes of the Dungeons & Dragons game.  The one part that you are clearly not focusing on in the the script is the players. The Dungeons & Dragons Game does not have the best fantasy worlds. There are many better fantasy worlds written in novels, presented in movies and on television (in both animated and live-action variety) as well as in video games. The Dungeons and Dragons fantasy worlds are not even remotely the best fantasy worlds available to reader, viewers or video game players. However, the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy worlds are unique in that they are not the singular vision of one writer. They are not even the collected vision of a team of writers (as would be the case with a movie or television show). What the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy worlds are are shared fantasy worlds created by the Dungeon Master and then deeply affected by the players. None of that is currently in the script. It needs to be.

Moviegoers will need to see why these stories matter. Dungeons & Dragons fantasy world stories matter fantasy worldsbecause they are built by friends – people who trust one another, people who care about each, people who know each other. When they are playing their characters, players bring their hurts and their joys and their passions, all of their emotions, into each and every decision made for their player character. This needs to be captured and shown in the movie. The players must be actually depicted (by actors) in the movie. Moviegoers should see how what is affecting the player is affecting, directly, the character. This is what is special about the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy worlds and without this being shown, you just have the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy worlds competing with better fantasy worlds from other mediums. The movie will be fighting with one arm tied behind its back.

Right now as the script is written, the movie will show a human fighter attack an orc. What should be shown is a College Sophomore who just failed her Physics Exam choosing to have her human fighter attack an orc, taking out the frustrations of her day in a space that is filled with friendship and fun. The swing of the sword has effects in two worlds, the fantasy and the real. While the outcome of the sword 2017 movieswipe is devastating in one world, it is healing in another.

The relationship between the Dungeon Master and the players should be delved into. There is an entire layer that needs to be explored in this film and right now the script you have does not touch upon this. Your script is broken, but if you put the players into the film, moviegoers will see what every Dungeons & Dragons player see now – Dungeons & Dragons fantasy worlds are unique and special because they belong to friends who are telling stories together and those stories contain the pathos of their creators (Dungeon Masters and players).

I am very appreciative of all the effort you are putting into this film. I put this open letter forward with the hopes that you will make the change to fix this part of the film. I am rooting for you. Every Dungeon Master and player is rooting for you. You can make this a great film. Thank you.

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12 Responses

  1. Fuck Off
    | Reply

    Warner Bros is total and utter shit. They put out complete shit in every department.

  2. bhagavat farmer
    | Reply

    I totally disagree. The game aspect of the D&D, Forgotten Realms universe have no part in any of the novels written for it and I think what most fans of the Forgotten Realms want is a Live Action novel like experience, not a gaming experience. In fact, most on my fan page want a Drizzt movie (of course the most popular character and novels released in this world). The game is about becoming immersed in a fantasy adventure, not immersed in a group of friends pretending to have one. its been done… its funny, but thats not what were hoping for.

    • Sheanfin
      | Reply

      Totally agree. I would rather invest emotionally in characters, not PCs…

  3. Sunkin
    | Reply

    Yeah and the world of Warcraft movie should of been a bunch of people measuring their DPS while a raid leader yells over voice chat. I think your confusing what you want with what anyone else wants. If they ruin the movie by doing this I’m going to blame you personally.

  4. Harry Dielissen
    | Reply

    Personally I’d much rather see them make a drizzle do’urden movie. He is the poster boy for d&d he has featured in Balders gate and icewind Dale..let the film revolve around him and his journey out of thr underdark and into the light of the world above.

    • Scott Kelly
      | Reply

      Please god no, Drizzt suffers from Superman Syndrome, he’s got almost no weaknesses and wins every fight, he’s fine in his own books but it becomes super boring super quick, If they’re going to make a Forgotten Realms themed film they need to make new orignal likeable characters with their own flaws.

      Drizzt could have a cameo same for Elminster or Danlio Thann or Khelbin but that should really be it.

      • Seth Himebaugh
        | Reply

        That may be true, he is OP, but you have to admit, the original trilogy, the first three books, are an awesome story. One that I would love to see come to life on the big screen. The character of Drizzt, ignoring how OP he is in battle, is a great character with strong morals, and that is what is so compelling about his story.

  5. Marcus
    | Reply

    Um no if you want to watch folks sit around playing D&D then join us for Critical Role on Twitch.tv Thursday nights 7 EST. What I think and I’m sure other will agree is we want to take that theater of the mind adventure and have it laid out on the big screen. Its been forever since i saw the previous movies so I don’t remember there location. But Faerun being the most used as for settings in adventures. I feel folks would love to Hollywood’s adaptation of Neverwinter or Baulders Gate. Those of who love D&D are so immersed into the adventure that during the game session we can mentally visualize the details the DM is laying out as we enter an area the smells the temperature. And that’s what you need in the movie, A great story that encapsulate the audience with a world they are familiar with. Say your movie takes them to Phlan and they enter the Laughing Goblin Inn. Your targeted audience would recognize this place an it will trigger an emotional connection. Anyone who has played 5e at any point and time has ended up in that tavern. Whether it be to plot against the Cult of the Dragon or recovering from a battle with Orcs. Seeing Sot there bringing you his famous pork and cabbage soup. Thats what you need other wise it will be just another fantasy movie thats really no different then any other

  6. Seth Himebaugh
    | Reply

    Absolutely not. No one (besides you) wants to see a movie about angsty teens sitting around playing a board game with flashes to their characters. The reason so many people are enthralled with playing DnD is because of the immersion of the story. The world. The characters. If the movie was done in a way that showed the players playing the game, it would be similar to you sitting down to play DnD, but instead of actually playing the game, you are playing a CHARACTER who is playing DnD, but you yourself are not playing the game. What everyone else wants to see is a good DnD story set in the Forgotten Realms.
    Personally, I would love to see the Dark Elf trilogy on the big screen. I would like to see them go through the entire Frizzy series, but I would be satisfied with just the first three books.
    To be honest, I am disappointed that they chose to write their own Forgotten Realms story rather than go with the story of Drizzt. There are many fans who would love to see him in theaters, and when word was released that a DnD movie was coming out, got excited that finally Drizzt would be on the big screen, but then ultimately disappointed to find out its not even a story that has any relation to any characters we’ve grown to love. It will be the first Forgotten Realms movie we’ve gotten with a decent budget, and who knows if any will come after it. So knowing that with the (possibly) only chance they had to create a Forgotten Realms movie, they blew it on a story that no one knows or cares about (yet) is severely disappointing.

    • Seth Himebaugh
      | Reply

      Drizzt* not Frizzy. Stupid autocorrect

  7. Joshua Brickley
    | Reply

    Actually, there’s no reason why you can’t do both. In a framed narrative (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frame_story), you can tell two stories, much like The Princess Bride or Heart of Darkness (sorry I bring it up a lot, but it’s a great book). D&D would be perfect for this, because you can tell a story of the players, and what motivates them in life, but still have a distinct fantasy story that’s compelling. More importantly, framed narratives reflect each other, and work together to tell a bigger story.

  8. Robert Villela
    | Reply

    Just follow the 80’s cartoon series. Please!!!! I think both Dungeons and Dragons fans and non-fans will appreciate it together.

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