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I was sitting there wracking my brain on what to  write about, as I have several ideas that all want to come out. Suddenly it occurred to me, there on my shelf is the answer, staring me in the face. I have a collection of video games from various systems and genres. To this end, I am going to create a list of things from outside table top I would like to see made into tabletop gaming systems. In no particular order, let’s jump in and have at it, shall we?

#1. Borderlands

video games
Borderlands (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I had to pick one to be the number one choice I want most, this is it. The world of Borderlands is an amazing world of dark humor, satire, and insane chaos. Evil is evil, good is good, and the area between is often where the player lays.

In this universe, an ancient race has hidden away vaults that contain ancient evils and much more. The players, known as vault hunters, come from all walks of life but are a cut above the rest. As the adventurer is beyond the common villager, the vault hunter is beyond the common man in this world of chaos incarnate. From technicality prowess, sheer tenacity, skill, or being one of the handful of sirens in existence, the vault hunter is able to adventure and conquer all they come across. I could see the system being used to make any number of campaigns dedicated to any kind of theme. Truly, this one is overdue to have dice rolling in its name.

Interesting note, Borderlands has such a love for Dungeons & Dragons that Gearbox spoofed it in one of its largest downloadable contents by including a game known as Bunkers & Badasses.

#2. Destiny

Eyes up, guardian! This hit by Bungie is without a doubt one of the most indepth stories I have ever come across. From the coming of the darkness to the fall of Earth and everything in between. This game sucks you in with its perfect blend of guns and sorcery.

This game has classes and a level-up system similar to many gaming systems already, and even has a built-in dungeon master of sorts in the form of the Ghost that accompanies every guardian. Quest givers in the form of the Iron Lords and Vanguard can keep the game rolling. Fire teams could lay siege to the Dreadnaught, take back the Earth, or defend the Tower. Really this would be a high action and amazing fantasy world to play in.

#3. Zelda

C’mon, you cannot tell me you didn’t see this one coming. Really, this is the fantasy game that got many started. It could be a simple module or expansion to Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. From the varied equipment, the mini quests within a high arcing story, and the using wits alongside might, you cannot name many games that encompass Dungeons & Dragons better. That being said, there is not a lot to make it different either, and thus is likely to not need a full game to itself. Maybe Nerdarchy Writer Joshua Brickley and I can create something?

#4. Metroid

Metroid: Other M
Metroid: Other M (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last Metroid is in captivity and the universe is at peace … Well, at least until the series does some prequels and we see just how jacked up the universe really is. This series would be beautiful, especially if it was a tabletop roleplaying game made for one DM and one PC. How unique would that be? Surviving on your wits alone in the cold vastness of space? No matter what kind of bounty hunter you are, this would be amazing to try as it would add layer upon layer of difficulty and atmosphere to the game to truly make everything an intense feeling.

#5. Dead Space

Well, know how I said feeling alone would add a new level to things? This one takes that to another level. You have little to start and must scavenge your remaining courage to survive. Perhaps you can put a weapon together, perhaps not. The fact is, the odds are stacked against you and it’s up to you to find hope, a means to survive, and maybe even save the day. I love a good apocalypse game, and I think this route is a good one for it.

#6. Fallout

War … war never changes … but Bethesda changed their minds and are actually making this one into a table top roleplaying game. Woot! Well, I don’t know what system they will use or how it will work out, but frankly I cannot wait to see what they come up with. I sure hope they allow us to play as Humans, Synths, Super Mutants, and Ghouls. This will be amazing, and I sure hope I get to fat boy someone by year’s end.

#7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Alright, so this one actually has a few versions of tabletop roleplaying games out already, but it is time for a new version. We need the chance to step into the shoes of a Casey Jones, or create our own mutant something or other. Personally I would love to make a mutant porcupine or sloth. Commando Corgi is entirely too much fun for words. I actually would love to hear the weird combos you all could come up with. A light-hearted game or a dark and gritty game, this world from Eastman and Laird (owned by Nickelodeon) can fit it all.

#8. Megaman

MegaMan BN box
MegaMan BN box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pick up any Megaman title and you are guaranteed to have a night of amazing adventure. The potential to create your own robot master, Maverick, or Maverick Hunter, within a tabletop roleplaying game is amazing to say the least. I would love to see the war of 20xx detailed within the lore of a rule book, maybe have the maverick hunters detailed in an expansion book. Leveling up through upgrades and deciding the fate of the world could be detailed in ways no other game has attempted. After all, what you do in this game reaches across the centuries.

#9. Magic: The Gathering

So I know there has been a few third-party items, a few home brews, and a few recent little tidbits, but this game really deserves its own tabletop game and its own system. I would love to see how the mana system and summoning would work. The books Arena, Whispering Woods, and all the rest of that storyline show point blank how the game could create an amazing campaign that can draw in players for years. The Anthology series shows how one shots can work too. Maybe being the peons would be best, maybe being planeswalkers … I don’t know which I would enjoy more. Either way, the five colors of mana would make for very diverse characters, especially when mixing them all together.

10. Wolf Among Us

Alright, this may seem weird, but I think the roleplay possibilities of this Telltale Games hit would be an experience and a half. It may be my love of the World of Darkness, but I think playing as characters from nursery rhymes is perhaps the funnest idea I have heard in a while. Now this may sound cliche considering he is the main character of the game series, but I want to play as the Big Bad Wolf, and I know a friend of mine who wants to play as Peter Piper. Who would you want to play as? What would make a compelling story for you within this bedtime story meets noir mystery world?

I know it isn’t much, but the thought was rattling in my brain for awhile. Well, since Borderlands 2 came out, to be honest. I hope you all enjoyed, and I sincerely would love to hear your thoughts on what video games would make excellent tabletop role playing games. Honorable mentions would be Castlevania, Strider, Devil May Cry, Pokemon, and Gears of War. Let me know in the comments section below, Facebook, or by e-mail, what you think.

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    I want to see SOMETHING done with Mega Man!! Battle Network or Star Force in particular. Come on industry, it’s already an RPG. Take my money.

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