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Greetings everyone, Nate the Nerdarch here with my first ever sponsored post. For it we are taking a look at one of the newer RPGs to enter the market, Triniton.

Triniton RPG rules review beginnersFor those of you who are not familiar with it, Triniton is a role playing game set in a world created by the author Christian Alhin. Some of fantasy media that he says inspired him is the works of Astrid Lindgren, the Game of Thrones Series, and the video game trilogy Mass Effect. I can definitely see their influence while I read through the Triniton RPG, in a good way.

If I compare this to other RPGs that I am familiar with I would say this resembles parts of the dungeons and dragons setting of Planescape, which I hold in high regard.

Setting aside comparisons to other systems and settings, Triniton is very rules light, if you want it to be. On the other hand it could be very complex by adding robust rules systems like Fate or Dungeons and Dragon to it, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated to be a complete game (more on that below).

all you need for triniton rpg begginers rules six sided dieWhile many would tout this rpg rules system as beginner friendly I say that it goes well beyond simply being friendly to the beginner.

I say it is made primarily with beginners in mind while also being accessible and usable by veteran rpg players. I have been playing RPGs for over 20 years and I still found helpful tips and useful adventures within its pages.

As a rules system I see Triniton as more of a gateway RPG for those who don’t even know what RPG stands for while having a useful campaign source with its own 40+ hours of adventure included for those new players, as well as those who are ready to jump right into it with their group of experienced players.

Triniton RPG for Beginners, Veterans, and Storytellers in between | Sponsored Review

What you get when you get the Triniton book.

The Triniton RPG book goes into the basics of what an RPG is and tips for gathering people together to tell a story through the gameplay.

triniton rpg rules for beginners improve flow chartIt coaches players on how to do improvisation within the restraints of a character’s perspective, the current situation, and available resources.

It gives simple rules involving a single six sided die and additional optional rules for those who find the simple rules too easy.

There is a chart as well for those interested in escalating the complexity, and difficulty, of the rules set by including more rules or other rules sets.

There are pregens (previously generated characters) for people ready to jump into the game. As well as a rule set for rolling up a character.

There is a special card set (a standard deck of cards could be used) that is used a few times throughout the prewritten adventure. I find that this adds a different dimension to the game by including a separate game within the game.

Overall it is a rule light system that does not need other rule sets to make it a complete game. Personally it is a refreshing twist to RPGs and improvisational play with its simplicity as well as its ease of use and entry.

triniton rpg rules package imageOh and it comes with its own soundtrack with suggestions on where in the story one can use certain tracks. A nice touch on top of a well thought out RPG.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you are interested in picking up a digital copy or hard copy of Triniton, you can find that here.

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