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Nerdarchy at Philcon 2016 – Panel Synopsis – Doctor Who Next

philcon doctor who panel philcon doctor who panel
David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Panel Date – November 19, 2016

Attendance – Approximately 30 Whovians

Convention Detail Philcon is a small Science Writer and Reader Convention that occurs in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in November each year. In recent years, the convention has expanded to include a robust anime track and a cosplay track.

Panel Premise – From Philcon Program “With the upcoming shift in show runners from Steven Moffat to Chris Chibnall, uncertainty about whether Peter Capaldi will return to reprise his role, and speculation about a change in Companions, Whodom is experiencing a fair amount of fan


turbulence right now. Of the recent tapestry of stories, what threads are likely to get resolved in future storylines, and which might just be clipped off?”

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE PANEL (Synopsis of the Content the Presenter Covered)

Christine Norris (Science Fiction and Fantasy Author and School Media Specialist) – Peter Capaldi was a big tone change following Matt Smith (who was in some ways an echo of David Tennant) Donna was the best companion because she did not take any of the Doctor’s guff; she gave as well as she got Meta Crisis Doctor will not come back Continue reading Nerdarchy at Philcon 2016 – Panel Synopsis – Doctor Who Next