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D&D Spelljammer Warlock: Stars are Right

D&D Spelljammer warlock
The Owl looking appropriately star warlock-y. [Art by Jesse Ochse from ArtStation]
In a previous installment on Spelljammer content for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, the warlock peered into oblivion and came back with some nifty new options courtesy of Deep Magic: Void Magic from Kobold Press. But can darkness exist without light? (Actually, yes – in physics terms darkness is an absence of radiation.) But where’s the fun in that? New options for a D&D game is the juice!

There is a balance to the encroaching Void in my home campaign of D&D taking place in a Spelljammer-esque setting. A warlock can strike a bargain with a star drake in the same fashion as with a void dragon. The Illumination Pact warlock acts as a counterpoint to the Void Pact. In both situations, excellent material from Kobold Press does the heavy lifting. For the Illumination warlock, Deep Magic: Illumination Magic is the source material.

Star drakes and void dragons both appear in the Tome of Beasts. Both of these amazing creatures fired my imagination on all cylinders when I began conceptualizing the Spelljammer elements introduced to a traditional D&D campaign early on. I won’t reveal too much about the specifics here, since my players read these articles. But as more is revealed to them through our gameplay sessions those details will be shared.

This material is an evolving work in progress stemming from my home game. Although it’s inspired by the Spelljammer setting, it can be adapted for any D&D campaign. Continue reading D&D Spelljammer Warlock: Stars are Right

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D&D Spelljammer Warlock: Into the Void

D&D warlock

D&D warlockIn a past article I mentioned customized warlock pacts in my fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Spelljammer campaign.

It came up again during a live chat with Nate the Nerdarch.

With my feet now held to the eldritch fire by publicly mentioning it twice, I’d better put money where my pact-making mouth is and get into it.

This material is an evolving work in progress stemming from my home game.

Although it’s inspired by the Spelljammer setting, it can be adapted for any D&D campaign. Continue reading D&D Spelljammer Warlock: Into the Void

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E36 YR1- Wizards Vs Sorcerer| Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Classes Podcast



Episode 36 of Nerdarchy the Podcast. This was our 1st go at comparing two of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons arcane caster classes from the Player’s Handbook- The Sorcerer and the Wizard.

These make up half of the full arcane caster classes from the PHB. The other two being the bard and the warlock.

Wizards Vs Sorcerer| Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Classes

5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Classes| Wizards Vs Sorcerer
Nerdarchy explores the difference between the arcane casters wizards and sorcerers. To very similar classes that are very thematically different. Wizards learn and study magic. Sorcerers born with their magical gifts a part of them. So the question is in D&D 5e are they equal? So we go over the pro’s and con’s of each of these arcane classes. Let us know in the comments below what you think.



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E31 YR1- Beware the Warlocks of 5e D&D Classes Podcast



Episode 31 of Nerdarchy the Podcast Year One. This was our 1st video talking about the warlock character class in 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Warlocks are probably one of the most popular character classes in the game.

Our 1st warlocks video certainly our most popular video with the highest view count. It is a super thematic class and quite different from what we have gotten from D&D in the past editions. The tail end of 3.5 is where the warlock 1st appeared as playable character class. Fully came into it’s own in 4e and is back in 5e.

Beware the Warlock of 5e D&D| Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Classes

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Classes| Beware the Warlock of 5e D&D Nerdarchy sits down to discuss what very well maybe our favorite class in 5th edition dungeons and dragons the warlock. These guys are super cool in how thematic they are. With an arsenal of eldritch blasts, invocations, spells, and pact magic with a super powerful being what is not to love. These spell casters feel so much different than any other spell slinger out there from any edition of dungeons and dragons. That’s just from the players side of things. As a DM these guys are walking plot hooks for days. Any guys have experience play the 5e warlock? Tell us all about it down in the comments below.


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Fausthaven a City on Fire- Adding a Little Hell to Your Dungeons and Dragons Game

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons gameWhat do you get when you introduce steam punk, aristocrats, and infernal powers into your Dungeons and Dragons game? Fausthaven is such a place. It’s located in a northern region nestled within a valley referred to as the Cauldron.

Quite sometime ago myself along with the rest of Nerdarchy did a video inspired by real life events in Centralia P.A. Where coal mines have been burning for decades.

Instead of coal fires burning under Fausthaven we have our own source of fire and heat. Long ago a trans-dimensional accident transposed sections of a lower plane a in a portion of our version of the Underdark that we refer to as the Beneath. Continue reading Fausthaven a City on Fire- Adding a Little Hell to Your Dungeons and Dragons Game

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Multi-Class Character Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e (The Warlock)

WarlockHello fellow Nerdarchists, Art here. I’m back with the next installment of my series Multi-Class Character Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e. If you missed my previous article on the Sorcerer just click HERE.

I’m going to take up some space and talk a bit about the Warlock in general. First I think the class itself is a unique design  with its’ spell-like abilities built in aka the Eldritch Invocations gained at second level. These abilities allow characters to come up with very interesting tricks and techniques. The patron selection also adds a variety of interesting mechanics as well, making the Warlock a great utility tool in  party of adventures. The third way a warlock can be diverse is their Pact selection out of the Pact of the Tomb, Chain and Blade, giving a final score in a very diverse character class. Lastly with the Warlock able to regain spell slots on only a short rest, making this class quite durable.

How do You Build a 5e Warlock?

Continue reading Multi-Class Character Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5e (The Warlock)

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Free Content from Mike Mearls for D&D 5e | Lighting up the Underdark

Greetings Nerdarchist, Nate the Nerdarch here back from a baby break (my son Elliot was born Oct 27th).

What would any sensible nerd do after such a break from the internet?

Well, one of the first things I did to get back on track was to visit one of my favorite sites. When I go there I am rewarded with a sweet piece of free content from Mike Mearls for D&D 5e. It gets better from there.

In just the first paragraph that describes what is in this free content we get several good pieces of news.

archer shadow Free Content from Mike Mearls for D&D 5e | Lighting up the Underdark“Two new fighting styles for fighters, paladins, and rangers focus on close quarters combat, whether defending allies or unleashing deadly ranged attacks at nearby foes.

Both styles are handy for dungeon delving and for battles in the confined  environments of the Underdark.

The Deep Stalker is a new ranger archetype, scouting out Underdark threats using a combination of cunning and magic.

Deep Stalkers use magic and other tricks to infiltrate Underdark settlements and spy on their inhabitants. After gathering intelligence on growing threats to the surface world, they engage in hit and run battles to eliminate those threats.

The shadow sorcerer is a creepy spellcaster who commands the power of darkness. Though not always native to the Underdark, these sorcerers are often drawn to the dismal gloom of the world below.

Finally, the Undying Light is a new warlock patron. By forging a compact with the energy of the Positive Plane, a warlock vows to bring light into the darkest reaches of the world…”

Want more? Read the rest here.

Free Content from Mike Mearls for D&D 5e | Lighting up the Underdark

Mike Mearls, you had me at the description of the article.

The mechanics are great while being very thematic (judging by my first read thru). Below are some of the things I want to highlight from the new archetypes and fighting styles.

The close quarter shooter makes me think that Mike Mearls has mind reading powers.

Many of us ranged fighters who don’t use crossbows needed a thing and this style is it.

Not having disadvantage when someone is in your face while ignoring cover is worth the +1 that is sacrificed when choosing this over the Archer fighting style found in the Player’s Handbook.

The Tunnel Fighter is the fighting style for defenders, especially at the lower levels where some creatures can be dropped in one or two attacks.

You won’t be spending your reaction to make opportunity attacks, and on top of that you can smack one of them twice because this fighting style lets you spend your reaction to hit a target that moves more than 5ft while in your reach.

You have to spend a bonus action to do this but I say it is a bonus action well spent.

The Deep Stalker is a ranger that does the guerrilla style, hit and run tactics, the best out of all of the ranger archetypes without front loading the class (Ambuscade).

They also get Darkvision of 90 ft which is a big plus if you want to shoot at people, with a chance of hitting them, in the dark.

shadow magic Free Content from Mike Mearls for D&D 5e | Lighting up the UnderdarkStalker’s Dodge is one of the best ways to spend your reaction on and it can be done every turn. Disadvantage is huge, especially against deadly foes with a power attack.Overall, a fantastic addition to Rangers.

When I read the quirks for shadow sorcerer I wanted all of them. It is a simple roleplaying ribbon but it is something I would like to see done with more of the strange supernatural classes, maybe as a possible backlash to twisting magical forces.

Anyway, I absolutely agree with Mike Mearls’ utilization of sorcery points in this new origin. It is nice to have powers linked to your spell power rather than having the powers linked to short and long rests.

The Undying Light’s optional flaws are funny while staying true to the powers. Seeing a warlock with healing powers helps me break the stigma that warlocks are 1 action away from the dark side.

healing man free content from mike mearls d&d 5eThe Undying Light is an excellent counterbalance to the rest of the darker patrons. One of the best things done for this class is having the phoenix like power of searing vengeance be a feature of the class at such a low level. I think if it was pushed back it would dull the impact of this fantastic ability.

Healing Light is a power that I think could have just used the paladin’s lay on hands. I don’t have an issue with reusing powers, especially when the power goes to the same destination.

Healing is healing. I am glad that this warlock archetype has it but I am not in favor of making extra mechanics when there are perfectly serviceable ones available.

Nerdarchy’s Videos Discussing the Free Content from Mike Mearls for D&D 5e | Lighting up the Underdark

If this sounds like something you want to check out, click the link at the top of the article. A big thank you to Mike Mearls and all of the other writers who keep the free content for D&D 5e flowing.

Until next time, Stay Nerdy

For more free content for D&D 5e written by Mike Mearls, and others, check out

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Modifying Classes and Class Options from Unearthed Arcana

I recently read an article that I had not realized I was waiting for since the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition Players handbook came out last year.

unearthed arcanaIt is part of the awesome online article series, Unearthed Arcana, from WotC.

For those of you familiar with my writing you know I like both modifying classes and having new class options. When I made Psionics in this edition I had to check what I was making against the other classes that were out there.

I basically had to construct the plan for modifying classes without the benefit of this article being available.

It was hours of work that I no longer have to do thanks to Rodney Thompson, the writer of Modifying Classes – unearthed arcana. He lays it out and gives us insight into modifying classes and the strategy needed to create new class options. So 100 Nerd Appreciation Points to Mr. Thompson!

I like how they tackled a hard class, Favored Soul from the Complete Divine. Another 100 NAPs! Unlike when the WotC team gave Aasimar as an example of a custom race that was a mirror image of Tiefling.

Modifying Classes and Class Options from Unearthed Arcana

This time around they did not disappoint the homebrewers. They took sorcerer as the base and made a completely difference class out of it while staying within the power level of the other classes. It is fantastic!

They also made a spell-less ranger more akin to Strider than the magical Ranger of the past few editions. Another 100 NAPs!

Your fellow Nerdarchists checked it out earlier this week. Below is the video of our thoughts on this addition to the Dungeons and Dragon 5th Edition set.

Modifying Classes and Class Options from Unearthed Arcana

That is Nerdarchy’s first impressions of the article check out the full write up by Rodney Thompson here and let us know what you think of them in the comments below.

And make sure to share this with like minded individuals

Until next time, Stay Nerdy!

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The Psy-lock: Warlock as Psychic Warrior or Psionics | Character Build D&D 5e

The Psy-lock: Warlock as Psychic Warrior or Psionics | Character Build D&D 5eWant the feel of Psionics or Psychic Warriors with little to no work? Want Psionics without your DM complaining about home brews or game balance?

Well the Psylock may be your answer. A.K.A as re-skinned Warlock. Thankfully there isn’t much to do for this build. Why?

Because most of it is right there waiting to be used. Now some of you who have read my work on psionics and psychic warrior are saying, ” Why didn’t you use Warlock in the first place?

Well I decided early on that sorcerer worked great for Psionics since it added spontaneous casting and metamagics.

And Favored soul wasn’t a created class yet and I did not expect WotC to be cool with altering sorcerer so much to basically make it a fighter sorcerer.

So I originally went with Paladin for Psychic Warriors-supernatural powers and magic enhanced offense and defense.

The above reasons are just a part of why I ignored the warlock as a possible base class for this character build.

The final reason was that I do not like the premise of the warlock due to out-of-game, pact magic hating bias. I just don’t like a class that is beholden to some strange non-god power on a level akin to “selling one’s soul for power”.

From the same standpoint I disagree with playing evil characters and roleplaying a person who makes a deal with the devil / supernatural power. Flawed characters are great but the flaw doesn’t have to be that they are evil, etc…

I just feel the bad vibes of it all.

But if we look at those same powers in a different light, say we gained them through training with a mentor and we start heading in another direction thematically even though the powers remain the same.

In walks the The Psy-lock:

A Warlock as Psychic Warrior or Psionics |Character Build D&D 5e

A great example is the warlock ‘s 1st level feature: Otherworldly patron. Re-skinned to be a psionic entity.

It could be that this being opens up your psychic well to allow more and more of your own power to fill you or it is a relationship with the entity more in line with that of a mentor and apprentice.

It does the same duty as the original class feature but fits our theme better than a crazy Cthulhu elder being.

Class Features:

1st level: Gain the Awakened Mind feature from Great old one

2nd Level: Invocations: Select the Repelling Blast to give the cantrip the look of a telekinetic shove. Then select Armor of shadows and have it look like a translucent shield that floats around you at all times.

Those two would be a good lead into 3rd level if you will go with the pact of the blade.

crystal chest The Psy-lock: Warlock as Psychic Warrior or Psionics | Character Build D&D 5eWant to go Pact of the Tome? Then at 2nd level select two of the following invocations; Book of Ancient Secrets, Fiendish Vigor, or Agonizing Blast.

These choices lead to a more psionic character build, especially if you then select either the wizard or psionicist* cantrips (*with DM permission) for Pact of the Tome at 3rd level.

3rd Level: Pact of the Tome. I would re-skin the tome to resemble some type of crystal (like this spiffy crystal chest to the left <—) or a  reflecting surface that you commune with your mentor through rather than a book.

The rest of the class can go along with the rest of the great old one except I would allow a player to exchange Evard’s black tentacles for a spell themed to the psychic bend of their character build.

Telepath? Select Confusion or Locate Creature. Relativist? (space-time) Select Conjure minor elemental or Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum, Kineticist? Select Fabricate or Fire Shield (but really select fabricate bc it is awesome!)

Almost ever other invocation can be spun to seem like psionics, for more information on possible spell groups and spell selections as the warlock progresses check out the spells as I have grouped them in my various psionic custom class articles for D&D 5e, here

These are not the only one’s possible. If you want my opinion on some other spell substitutions or class feature changes let me know in the comments below.

Remember to share this with other like minded individuals and

Until next time, Stay Nerdy!

Oh in case you haven’t seen it why not take a bit of time to check out the Nerdarchists’ opinions on the warlock class


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Selling Your Soul- 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Warlock Build

Hello readers and nerdarchists. Welcome to Nerdarchy I am Nerdarchist Dave. Today I want to walk you through a D&D warlock build for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. As I do more of these character builds I want to focus on a combination of fluff and crunch. These builds won’t always be the most optimized, but what I consider fun and/or interesting to play.

That being said it doesn’t mean I am completely looking to forgo mechanics. I still want a character build that can be effective during play. I was invited to play in two different games on the same day for two different campaigns at two different levels 5th and 8th. So my initial idea was to build one character at those two levels.

I decided I wanted to do a warlock build with a fighter multi-class.

Continue reading Selling Your Soul- 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Warlock Build