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Origins Game Fair 2017: A Nerdarchy report

Like a lot of people, I recently attended the 2017 Origins Game Fair convention in Columbus, Ohio. Like a lot of people, I spent days upon days walking and milling about the multitudes of rooms and halls that made up the convention, from the Exhibit Hall to the Gaming Hall to the Mayfair Room, the Catan Room, the Wizards of the Coast Jungle room, etc. Unlike a lot of people, I did not play any games at this year’s Origins; it wasn’t that I wasn’t interested, but that I did not have the time as I had other goals in mind, though often those goals were related to gaming. Still, I got to see a lot and meet a lot of people, as well as purchase plenty of goodies, so I thought I’d share some of my experience. Continue reading Origins Game Fair 2017: A Nerdarchy report

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Nerdarchy Warhammer 40K Play Report – Ultramarines vs. Tyranids

warhammer 40kGame Date – January 2017

Game Rules – Two Player Battle using two Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Mini Rulebooks (from the Dark Vengeance Box Sets, bought for $20 each on eBay)

Game Setting – Both players physically gathered around a three-foot by four-foot gaming surface Continue reading Nerdarchy Warhammer 40K Play Report – Ultramarines vs. Tyranids

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Blast from the Past: Revolt on Antares, a TSR minigame

Antares main
Cover of the Revolt on Antares rules book, a minigame by TSR, original publishers of D&D.

TSR will always be remembered as the company that created Dungeons & Dragons and kicked off role playing games, but it’s sometimes forgotten as the publisher of other types of games besides D&D, such as Revolt on Antares.

For a period in the early 1980s, microgames (also known as minigames) were all the rage, no doubt started by the success of Steve Jackson Games’ Car Wars and Ogre. What were microgames? Smaller, relatively simple games that usually came packaged with all necessaries, such as dice and maps. Usually these games were not role playing games, but war games or some other tabletop board game.

Jumping on the bandwagon, TSR released a number of its own microgames, such as Vampyre, They’ve Invaded Pleasantville!, Saga and more. Revolt on Antares is one of these games.

Revolt on Antares, the game

Released in 1981, Revolt on Antares is a simple war game for two to four players that takes place on Imirrhos (also known as Antares 9), the ninth planet of the Antares solar system. Three scenarios are available for play, the main one allowing a player to act as leader of a rebel force against another player who is the leader of the Terran empire. The other two scenarios involve fighting back against an alien invasion, or a war between multiple royal houses of Imirrhos. Continue reading Blast from the Past: Revolt on Antares, a TSR minigame

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How to Speeks Goblin| Failed Con Save

Philly Games Con

Philly Games Con

As some of you may or may not know Nerdarchy recently participated in a local convention known as Philly Games Con. We had a blast. It was the first year for Philly Games Con and the first time anyone in Nerdarchy ran a convention game. We came in hard and fast for our convention debut with 5 games of D&D 5E and 3 games of FATE Accelerated.

Nerdarchy isn’t the only ones recovering from Philly Games Con. It would appear one of our little green goblin friends has also been doing a little conventioneering. Poor little goblin probably spent all weekend rolling D20’s and drinking Grugnak.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s web-comic and our little goblin friend in the aftermath of his gaming con experience. Feel free to drop comments below about our Failed Con Save web-comic.

Quick thank you to Philly Games Con for a weekend of fun.

Hope they do it again next year.

Until Next Time “Stay Nerdy”