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Eyes Up Guardian! Destiny 2 Is Live

Promotional art for Destiny 2 [Image courtesy of Bungie]
Well Nerdarchists, it is here. The long awaited sequel to Destiny from Bungie.

With this game we pick up right after the end of the original Destiny and all its DLC. Before we get into that let me say a few things. Bungie had taken everything we loved in the original Destiny and cranked that to 11, all while discarding the unwanted features. Gone are the constant hopping in and out of orbit, the “samey” feel to much of the things, the power creep, and the lack of an organic feel.

It no longer feels like an episodic game akin to Halo. It is a living, breathing fight across the planet. Public events are marked on the map. Lore, vendors, and missions are right there scattered across the battlefield with you. You can fast travel without having to leave the planet.

My personal favorite is the writing. This story is immersive, sucking you in at all points. Even in the fact that you’re struggling to regain your powers as you fight to hold humanity from the brink of extinction. The NPCs all have personalities. Even the enemies are given life through breathtaking and suspense-filled cut scenes or encounters with them while actually playing. Continue reading Eyes Up Guardian! Destiny 2 Is Live

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Online Video Game Play with Nate the Nerdarch

Greetings everyone, Nate the Nerdarch here. I love tabletop gaming, science, and a plethora of other nerdy things. But what I really have been

Online Video Game Play with Nate the Nerdarch typing on computer

grooving on lately, like it is my job, is video game play.

My newest job over at the Nerdarchy is video game player. That is right, for at least 2 hours a day I am required to hang out on my computer, after my night job, button mashing until I fall asleep. Like this video game play below. Continue reading Online Video Game Play with Nate the Nerdarch