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Garibay 1K Adventure (Onyx Slide) – A Fate Accelerated Adventure Set in “Sliders”

SlidersSliders was an epic science fiction television series that ran for five seasons between 1995 and 2000. Sliders was the story of four intrepid adventurers who used a wormhole vortex to “slide” between different Parallel Universes. The adventurers used a slide timer (a portable device) to be aware of when they could slide to another Parallel Universe. The timing of each slide had to be carefully managed because if the adventurers missed their slide window, they would be stranded in the current Parallel Universe for 29.7 years. While the four adventurers waited for the next slide, they would often become involved in events within the current Parallel Universe (despite attempts to remain uninvolved). Because the technology they used to slide was not fully tested before the first slide, the four adventurers could not control what Parallel Universe they slid to next. They also could not select their origin universe, Earth Prime, as a destination on the slide timers, so each slide was a slim hope that they would be able to slide home. Presented here is a Garibay 1K Adventure (an adventure present in 1,000 words or less) to allow Gamemasters to run a unique Sliders Adventure (Onyx Slide). Continue reading Garibay 1K Adventure (Onyx Slide) – A Fate Accelerated Adventure Set in “Sliders”