Flavour Shots: Skill Contests for Fighters in D&D

Flavour Shots are short descriptions of game artefacts and phenomena for use by Dungeon Masters, Game Masters and Storytellers in their games. Feel free to drag and drop these into your own games, and modify to suit. Let us know … Read More


D&D Fluff and Mechanics Make the RPG Go ‘Round

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Debates swirl around the various forums and subreddits in the Dungeons & Dragons community; they’re chief among the interactions we have with each other. These debates often vary in their complexity, but a lot of the disagreement with how to … Read More

Chartopia, Part 4: Rollable lists

  Unique results with Chartopia lists, tables and charts Hello friends! We’ve already brought up the Rollable List feature on Chartopia – a semicolon-separated list of items/words/phrases within square brackets. It adds diversity to results without needing to call upon … Read More

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