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First Impressions of ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ movie

Underworld : Blood WarsIf you’re a fan of the Underworld series, you won’t be disappointed. It hasn’t changed at all over the past 14 years, and hasn’t bothered to modernize in any way since its last sequel 5 years ago. For those expecting more, there is a small glimmer of hope  Blood Wars may not be a standalone movie. I think it’s a transition into a new direction. It wasn’t a predominant feature of the film, which largely hit all of the exact same notes as the previous installments, including the increase of power levels not too dissimilar to the Resident Evil movies, or Dragon Ball Z. That being said, the introduction of new elements to the world may be the precursor of things to come. I, for one, welcome these changes. I was never a fan of the overboard Goth/Hot Topic aesthetic, nor of the ham-fisted melodrama, but I always enjoyed the premise.

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