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Deck of Beasts: Kobold Press Is Holding All The Cards!

Kobold Press deals a winning hand with Deck of Beasts

Kobold Press Deck of BeastsGreetings Nerdarchy readers! Has anyone told you that you are awesome today? Well you are, and I believe that awesome people deserve equally awesome things. That being said, I have had the immense pleasure to speak to Kobold Press’s Wolfgang Baur and Inkwell Ideas’ Joe Wetzel about a product they created that has not only amazed me but impressed me. Their creative minds have shuffled together to deal us the amazing, the stupendous, the inspiring Deck of Beasts and Sidequest Decks!

What are these items I speak of you ask? Well let me tell you dear Nerdarchy reader about a dark age in gaming where one would have to lug around entire books just to include one monster. These days, the dark ages if you will, your Dungeon Master would have to turn and reference things which could take up valuable time. As a Dungeon Master, I always wanted to show the amazing artwork detailing the monster they were facing.

Despite my illustrious ability to spout adjectives with prolific prose, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Well this is where the Deck of Beasts comes in. Continue reading Deck of Beasts: Kobold Press Is Holding All The Cards!

Nubz hails from the American Pacific Northwest where he has spent the last 24 years living the gamer life and running campaigns of all kinds. Through this he has managed to sate his acting bug and entertain many. Now a father, he wishes to pursue writing to leave a legacy in Nerd culture for his offspring to enjoy.
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D&D Product Review: Limitless NPCs Vol.1

Limitless Non Player Characters vol. 1 from Limitless Adventures.

NPCs for any D&D occassion

Many a Dungeon Master has encountered a creative wall when it comes to creating interesting, believable nonplayer characters for Dungeons & Dragons. Some only need a brief description and a name, but others can become key points in a campaign setting. They give an identity and culture to the world of the game.

It can be a challenge, though – it’s hard to predict which NPCs your party will take interest in and seek out in future sessions, and sometimes you have to come up with an NPC on the fly when the session takes an unexpected turn. Enter Limitless Adventures’ Non Player Characters vol. 1. The book contains 100 pre-written NPCs with descriptions, stats and loot that can be put into any campaign.

The book organises NPCs into eight categories: ally, charge, contact, foe, hireling, merchant, sage, and quest giver. Some NPCs fit into multiple categories, so the book’s chapters are more broadly sorted into allies, contacts, foes, merchants, and arch enemies. Each character includes a name, a brief description, stats, treasure, and quest hooks that can be found for each under the Further Adventure subtitle. Continue reading D&D Product Review: Limitless NPCs Vol.1

Sarah is a 20-something university student living in Australia. When she's not studying her undergrad linguistics degree, you can find her reading, writing about, or playing Dungeons and Dragons.
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Product Review: Monopoly Gamer Puts Nintendo Twist on Classic Game

When I first heard about Monopoly Gamer, I rolled my eyes. “Yet another cheap shot at gamers to buy Monopoly for the 50th time with a dumb gimmick,” I thought to myself. It’s not the first time a company slapped “Gamer” onto a product in a cheap attempt to sell a few more products. (Full disclosure: I did end up buying one some time later, with some personal disgust in my heart, but I couldn’t pass up the color scheme.)

At first glance, it’s just Monopoly with plastic Mario figures instead of generic metal ones, and coins instead of money. Plus, they’re adding IRL downloadable content by means of extra figures you can buy. Commence even deeper eye roll. However, as ashamed as I am of myself, that was enough for me to buy it. Continue reading Product Review: Monopoly Gamer Puts Nintendo Twist on Classic Game

Joshua is bad about talking about himself, but won't shut up about anything else. A nerd since birth, he's experienced a lot of the culture. A gamer by nature, a writer, an actor, a film lover, an English major, and a recent discoverer of Dungeons and Dragons. Currently, he lives in Oregon, where his primary focus is to write novels, hopefully get a comic book series published, and maybe try his hand at making a very entry-level tabletop RPG game. He's always had idiotically lofty goals.
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Spider-Man: Homecoming Review (Spoiler Free)

Spider-Man: Homecoming review
Spider-Man climbs the Washington Monument in Columbia Pictures’ “Spider-Man: Homecoming” [Image courtesy of Columbia Pictures]

Class in session for a review of Spider-Man: Homecoming

Hey, guys, Professor Bill of Comic Book University and I saw “Spider-Man: Homecoming” twice… because comic books!
Spider-Man is one of the most recognizable characters in the pop culture world. In 1992, I remember reading a “Stan’s Soapbox” where Stan Lee, whose wife just died a few days ago, discussed Marvel’s first trip to Japan in that same year. Due to the import regulations of the time, Japan never permitted a single comic book to enter within its territories nor a single cartoon to pass over its airwaves. Aside from a few travelers bringing in a comic or two, there was no previous exposure to the character.
Yet, when Stan Lee worked out a deal to bring the medium to Japan and walked down the streets with a man dressed as Spider-Man next to him, the streets were crowded with Japanese people, young and old, who were calling out for Spider-Man by name. Talk about crossing barriers!
So of course, this movie had to be good because Marvel Studios was getting behind it. Well, the film lived up to the hype.
We get to pretty much skip the origin story because none of us need to be reminded. The driving force behind this film doesn’t even revolve around the standard Spider-Man film, rather focusing on Peter Parker trying to prove himself worthy to Tony Stark to gain admission into the Avengers.
This new motivation for ol’ Web-head is a breath of fresh air to the other films in that life doesn’t necessarily ­happen­ to Spider-Man. He’s not some victim, he goes out and tries to be a hero in “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”
Again, no spoilers, but I think that you’ll agree by the end of the film after all the smoke is clear and the surprises revealed, Spider-Man feels as though he’s actually earned his place in the world – just like in the comics.
I’m keeping this one short, guys, now use that extra time to go out and see this film.
Professor Bill
Comic Book University
Class dismissed


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