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Board Games in Review – Smash Up – Munchkin Part 2

Smash Up MunchkinWell it is that time again and Happy Monday.  Today I am going to bring you part 2 of my review of Smash Up Munchkin.  You can find part 1 right here.  I already went over four of the factions and monsters in last weeks article.  I also explained how monsters actually add to the break point of bases.

When a monster is defeated usually through the use of an action the player responsible can earn treasure for defeating that monster.  Treasure cards go to your hand but once used go to their own discard pile making for just a little extra clean up.  How ever you get your treasure once in your hand they still break down into the two standard card types, Action or Minion.

What factions will you team up in Smash Up Munchkin?

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