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Nerdarchy Invades the Marvel Universe

Class was in session when Professor Bill from Comic Book University (aka Nerdarchy staff writer William C.) took a group of mild-mannered nerds for a trip to the heart of the Marvel Universe for a game of the Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game.

Role-Playing Game
Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game was produced by TSR in the 1980s.

Nerdarchists Dave and Ted, staff writers Megan R. Miller and Doug Vehovec and Intern Kyle sat down for the daily live chat and found themselves on a journey into mystery. Transported to New York City with only the clothes on their backs and whatever they had in their pockets, they’re confronted by a world filled with purse snatchers, Purifiers, bank robbers and a crime family well-known to Marvel fans (just don’t say their name out loud).

Bumbling their way into super heroism, the Nerdarchy crew uses the awesome power of meta-knowledge and slowly discovers their own superhuman powers on Earth-616 – at least, that’s where they think they landed. With Class 1000 knowledge of the Marvel Universe, our heroes might know they can survive the Good damage of a criminal’s gunshot, but who knows what will happen when they run into beings of Incredible, Amazing or Monstrous power?

Marvel Universe
The Universal Table determines the outcome of all the action in the Marvel Super Heroes RPG

In this first issue, the crew meets a few established Marvel heroes on a rollicking romp through NYC. Like your favorite Marvel superheroes, these Nerdarchists share plenty of foibles to balance their Remarkable abilities. Only time will tell if they rise to the occasion. With Karma on their side, they’re just a spandex suit away from taking their place among the icons of the Marvel universe.

In the next incredible installment of this new adventure, will the crew unlock new powers? Will they get any closer to finding out why they’re here? Will Ty Johnston find a sword hanging on a wall somewhere?!

Watch the video for a +2 column shift on getting caught up and be sure to like, share and subscribe to the Nerdarchy YouTube channel so you don’t miss the next issue or any of the other marvelous content. Live viewers will have opportunities to jump right into the fun by helping Professor Bill direct the action.  Get out your percentile dice and Universal Table and follow along as the Nerdarchists discover the great responsibility that comes with great power.

And until next time, Excelsior! Uh…um…that is…stay nerdy!

Feeling a Shift Z compulsion to pick up your own copy of this legendary role-playing game? Head over to Amazon and pick up your own copy (fair warning – may require Excellent Resources to justify purchase).


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Wayward Leather puts Designs on Nerdarchy Live Chat

Nerdarchists Dave and Ted welcomed artist and craftsperson Mellie Z. to the Nerdarchy live chat to talk shop about her fantasy-themed leatherwork creations. Mellie hand-crafts fantastic pieces for display, wearable garments and accessories, bags and “monster boxes.”

Mellie Z.
Mellie Z. creates handmade, fantasy-themed leatherworks.

Her work has been shown at conventions like Dragon Con and the Steampunk World’s Fair, gotten compliments from luminaries like Stan Lee and joined the collections of nerd-culture icons like award-winning author George R.R. Martin and Nerdarchist Ted himself, who loves his Ludlow the Mimic bag. (Mellie’s policy is that anything she creates that has a face gets a distinctive name.)

Mellie shared a few tips on leatherworking including insights into her process, both technical and creatively. During the chat she answers Nerdarchy fan questions and quickly became a viewer favorite.

In addition to her convention and fair appearances where her work is on display and for sale, Mellie maintains a website and etsy store where items are available for purchase. She also offers custom pieces and commissions.

Wayward Leather Design
One of Mellie Z.’s most eye-catching creations.

After you watch the live chat, head over to Wayward Leather Designs’ website where you can get your own monster box or bag, view a gallery of Mellie’s work and find an event calendar showing where she’ll be next. You can also follow her on Facebook to stay updated on her work and connect with other fans, and on Instagram where you can discover photos of all her creations (and random cat pictures, too).

As always, Nerdarchy Patreons get priority access on asking questions for daily live chat guests as well as exclusive monthly rewards and chances to game with Nerdarchy. Be sure to like, share and subscribe to the video and the Nerdarchy YouTube channel, follow on Twitter and Facebook so you never miss out on content and, as always, stay nerdy!



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Satine Phoenix is living the nerdy dream

Nerdarchist Dave got three special guests for the cost of one when he welcomed Satine Phoenix to the Nerdarchy live chat. Hanging out on her birthday from her home/studio in sunny Los Angeles, Phoenix shared her morning chatting live and answering questions. Nerd culture colleagues Ruty Rutenberg and Ivan van Norman hung out in the background and made a few guest appearances in the chat to say hello and talk about their own gaming projects.

Satine Phoenix
Satine Phoenix joined Nerdarchist Dave to start her birthday off by staying nerdy for the daily live chat.

A proud nerd and Dungeons & Dragons fanatic, Phoenix stays plenty busy as the co-creator of Maze Arcana, host of Geek and Sundry’s GM Tips, co-creator of the graphic novel “New Praetorians” and many other endeavors that bring together her passion for art and tabletop roleplaying games.

Dubbed the “Queen of D&D” by Time magazine, she organized “Celebrity Charity Dungeons & Dragons” at Meltdown Comics in LA, a charity event to raise funds for Reach Out and Read, a national non-profit organization that advocates for childhood literacy. She co-hosts Game School on the TSR Podcast Network.

Satine Phoenix is one busy gamer.

During the chat, Phoenix discussed the impact D&D has had on her life, shared lore and behind-the-scenes stories from Maze Arcana and talked about the incredible opportunities her passion for gaming has brought to her life.

Nerdarchist Dave and Phoenix also talk about the inclusiveness of gaming culture, staying creative, engaging with the community and the pride they both share in making sure to maintain safe, fun environments for any and all players who join their games. Nerdarchy fans will be happy to note that Phoenix is one herself, a longtime viewer of Nerdarchy’s YouTube videos.

Phoenix will also be part of the upcoming Stream of Annihilation from Wizards of the Coast, a live-streamed event to announce the next 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons product and a new lineup of Twitch shows including Fury’s Reach. This new campaign will feature two different groups of players. Phoenix will DM for one group that will stream on Tuesdays, with Rutenberg DMing a Wednesday group. The two parties will adventure in the same setting simultaneously and their actions will affect each other and the world around them.

If you enjoy the live chat with Satine Phoenix, be sure to check out past live chats with game industry insiders, fellow GMs and content creators and many more. Like, share and hit that subscribe button to stay nerdy and never miss new content from Nerdarchy. Daily live chats stream Monday-Thursday at noon EST. Nerdarchy Patreon supporters get to submit questions in advance and have priority for live chat guests, along with giving monthly exclusive content, opportunities to game with Nerdarchy and more.

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Absolute Tabletop takes the Oath of the Frozen King with Nerdarchy

Absolute Tabletop Adventure Kit Oath of the Frozen King

Nerdarchist Dave welcomes Matt Click and Tim Kearney from Absolute Tabletop to live chat #45 to talk about Oath of the Frozen King, their latest Kickstarter project. With a solid history of RPG content creation, AbTab’s latest offering is the Adventure Kit, which they describe as “versatile, flexible frameworks for roleplaying game adventures.” The modular presentation allows for minimal prep time for GMs, enabling you to run adventures for your players at the drop of a hat. Continue reading Absolute Tabletop takes the Oath of the Frozen King with Nerdarchy

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Cardboard Fortress lowers the drawbridge to Nerdarchy live chat

Nerdarchy friend and regular gamer in Nerdarchist Dave’s Gryphongaff game, Anthony Amato from Cardboard Fortress Games joined the daily live chat to talk nerdy. Amato is a graphic designer, illustrator and game designer. Along with fiance and longtime business partner Nicole Kline, they’ve created several tabletop games like RESISTOR_. He’s also contributed work to other games like Grow, designed artwork for the Tabletop Cooperative and is a regular at the Philly Game Forge’s dev night. Continue reading Cardboard Fortress lowers the drawbridge to Nerdarchy live chat

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Chartopia talks random tables and RPG charts with Nerdarchy

A hallmark of roleplaying games, charts and tables are woven into the fabric of Dungeons & Dragons and every other tabletop RPG. They’re a way to inject spontaneity and randomness into adventures. Thanks to diligent work by Scott Beccard and Glenn McCord in developing Chartopia, GMs have a quick and easy way to create and access charts for anything they can imagine. Continue reading Chartopia talks random tables and RPG charts with Nerdarchy

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Common Man Cocktails gets alchemical with Nerdarchy

Common Man Cocktails is a YouTube channel from Derrick Schommer

If you’re looking for fantasy, science fiction or pop culture-inspired cocktails for your next party or gaming session, your quest is complete. Derrick Schommer from Common Man Cocktails joined Nerdarchist Dave for live chat #42 to discuss recipes and a whole lot more. Schommer and co-host Ian Andrews created their YouTube series to simplify and demystify the art of cocktail creation.Common Man Cocktails is a YouTube channel from Derrick Schommer

In addition, Schommer is actively involved with YouTube content creation as a top contributor and maintains a presence on forums to help other creators. During the live chat, he shares stories about his path to creating a successful YouTube channel and offers tips and advice for other creators.

An avowed nerd and gamer as well, Schommer talked about his affection for geeky T-shirts and described his early days as a programmer, when the first program he wrote was an NPC generator based on tables in the back of the AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide.

One of the cocktails Schommer described is a Star Trek themed drink commemorating Mr. Spock, the iconic character portrayed by Leonard Nimoy. Dubbed Amok Thyme in honor of the original series’ second season premier in which Spock suffers through his first infliction of pon farr. Recipes for other cocktails are included in the original live chat description on YouTube, and of course viewers can visit Common Man Cocktails for more creative cocktails.

Among the thousands of Common Man Cocktails videos, there’s surely something for every taste. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Amok Thyme

  • 2 oz. Bourbon
  • 1/2 oz. Thyme Honey Syrup
  • 2 Dashes Lemon Bitters
  • Fresh Thyme Garnish

(like an old fashioned, an earthy flavor to it)

  • Leonard Nimoy speaks out: Why Spock approved of LSD and ‘dirty movies’
  • Transformers: The Last Knight – Hot Rod’s Role Revealed
  • Nerdarchy’s Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide to Sword Coast Legends Gameplay#1
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Jim Moreno live chats with Nerdarchy

role playing game exploration

Want to know what it takes to be a writer covering nerd culture? Nerdarchist Dave welcomed journalist and writer Jim Moreno to the Daily Live Chat #41 at Nerdarchy’s YouTube channel to talk about his journey to becoming a professional writer and share tips and advice for aspiring writers. Continue reading Jim Moreno live chats with Nerdarchy