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Speak With Dead #03: The Nature of Evil

evil necromancer

Dear Maxillae the Mad,

My druid circle disagrees with my use of undead in the line of duty. Death is just as much a part of nature as life, and I only raise those whose spirits I have communicated with and that have consented to helping me. How can I make the others see that I am not evil just because my practices are unconventional?


Dear Departed,

As a practicing necromancer, I do some pretty evil things and I’m all right with that. So believe me when I say, I wouldn’t be judging you if what you were doing was evil, but if the spirits are all right with it, I don’t see how it qualifies. People just get really iffy about dead things walking around for some reason.

The thing is, if they’re bound and determined to think what you’re doing is bad, they’re going to think so no matter how you frame it. And all of the spells designed to detect that sort of thing are currently calibrated to both by default.

Unfortunately, there is no way for you to prove your goodness. The people around you don’t trust you, plain and simple. In that case, you need to decide what means more to you: the ability to be yourself, or the seeming respect of those around you. I know which I would pick if it were me. Respecting you on the conditions of your being someone you are not is in no way real respect.


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Speak With Dead #02: NecRomantic Questions

undead zombie necromancerDear Maxillae the Mad,

While trudging through an ancient tomb the other day, I became cursed. Now I only find myself attracted to zombies, ghosts, and, most strangely, skeletons. Should I tell my cleric about this or just wait for it to clear up?

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Speak With Dead #01: Brain Food

Dear Maxillae,

What is the best way to avoid the whole issue regarding my friend? We were going out for a while, but she is unfortunately an alchemist who shed her mortal coil. I still want to keep things going, but I just don’t know if I can deal with her hunger for brains anymore, or if I should just become a lich to be with her.

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Speak With Dead #00: Raising Questions

Salutations nerds! I’ve got an idea I think we’re all going to have a lot of fun with, but I’m going to need your help to make it happen. The idea is to do an advice column like “Dear Abby,” but from the point of view of a necromancer, and more for entertainment than for actual advice. Continue reading Speak With Dead #00: Raising Questions

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World of Darkness: The Giovanni Vampire

GiovanniI stand at the hill, watching as a crypt is raided, or not necessarily raided, as it is not so much a break in as a break out. The new generation of Giovanni stepping out into the night. Followed by, oh my, he has been busy. Look at that, all his cousins are joining him in the march from the grave, but only he was gifted with eternal life. No, like so many from his family, he has cursed them with eternal death. And that my dear friends, is what make the Giovanni special. It’s a dead man’s party. Who could ask for more?
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