Out of the Box D&D Encounters, Series 2, #9 – Bandersnatched

Introduction In a previous encounter within Series 1 (Auntie Knows Best) there was mention of a Hag Eye. This device was being employed in a manner to draw the characters into the clutches and machinations of a green hag by … Read More

Nord Games unleashes Revenge of the Horde on your D&D game

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Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde from Nord Games offers an awesome resource for incorporating a variety of monstrous races into your fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons game. At nearly 200 pages, the book presents creature options for bugbears, gnolls, … Read More

Pixelscapes gets psychedelic with D&D monster art

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Jen Gagne of Pixelscapes stopped by the Nerdarchy live chat with Nerdarchist Dave to talk psychedelic D&D monster art, drawing, sculpture and of course gaming. She’s an amazing artist, unafraid to be bold with her color selection, and she’s been … Read More

D&D grung and other monsters are people, too

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Monsters as notable NPCs and player characters in D&D is something I’ve touched on in past columns, including last week’s exploration of the similarities between a TTRPG GM and a Swiss Army knife. Since then, I ran the “Grungle in … Read More

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