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Board Games in Review – Pyramid Arcade, Looney Pyramids – Kickstarter

Looney Pyramids

Looney PyramidsI know what you are thinking, It is not Monday what is up with that.  Last week I went over the books you may want to buy for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Today however I am going to revisit one of my favorite board game options.  Looney Pyramids.

If you have been reading a lot on our website, particularly the board games in review, you will have seen some of my articles on Looney Pyramids, Martian Coasters.  Well if you were slightly enticed by these reviews here is your chance to go and grab an all inclusive box with 22 games to play with those awesome pieces.

It is available on Kickstarter right now with under a week to go.  It is already back with two stretch goals left.

Some of the games have had the rules out for a while, while others are unreleased games only play tested with devoted fans. Continue reading Board Games in Review – Pyramid Arcade, Looney Pyramids – Kickstarter

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Board Games in Review – Martian Coasters – Looney Pyramids

Martian CoastersHello and Happy Monday fellow games lovers.  A while back I did a basic review on Looney Pyramids, and I may not have conveyed the amount of fun that can be had with these little plastic pyramids.  So to further that cause I am going to go into depth into some of my favorite games.

The first game I played a lot of is Treehouse and originally you bought Treehouse sets to get access to the Looney Pyramids.  Now they are sold as Looney Pyramids for those wanting to pick up extra pyramids or in a Treehouse set.  You can also buy other games that can come with pyramids or just rules.

What Looney Pyramids will You Use in Martian Coasters?

Continue reading Board Games in Review – Martian Coasters – Looney Pyramids

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Board Games in Review – Batman Fluxx – Card Game

Batman FluxxHappy Monday Fellow Nerdarchists and game lovers.  Today Lets look at the Fluxx series by Looney Labs and their Super Crime fighting version of Batman Fluxx.  I have been playing flux for a number of years.  It is a great game to pull out when you have a few minutes or a few hours to kill.  The games can go fast and are always fun and different.

If you have never played Fluxx, in any of its widely assorted versions, It is a simple to follow game that starts off with only drawing one card and playing one card.  As cards are played you use strategy to accomplish a goal without another playing either changing the goal or fulfilling it before you can.  There are over 20 different versions of Fluxx on the market each uniquely designed to give you the feel of the flavor of each deck.

How will You Stop the Crime Spree in Batman Fluxx?

Continue reading Board Games in Review – Batman Fluxx – Card Game

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Board Games in Review – Fluxx the Board Game

fluxx the board gameIf you are into board games and card games then you should have played one of the numerous versions of the great game Fluxx.  It is an ever changing card game where the rules can change not only round to round but even turn by turn.

Well the awesome people behind Fluxx the card game have made Fluxx the Board Game.  Looney Labs brings you the game where the only constant is change.  All the hilarity of the base card game mixed up with moving pawns around the game board to collect goals.

The base goal of the game is to move your pawns to the icons for either the current goal or the goal you are looking to play.  If you meet the goal you can collect the goal card.  Collect the number of goal card equal to the win condition and you win.

Be warned the other players in the game can bump your pawn off of the space.  So make sure your strategy is sound or your other players could mess you up.

Looney Labs Presents – Fluxx  Board Game

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Board Games in Review – Looney Pyramids

Looney pyramidsHello fellow gamers.  I usually do a more strait forward review but today I am going to do something a little different.  Let me introduce you to Looney Pyramids. In the current state of their incarnation they are small stack-able plastic pyramids available in a variety of colors.

Looney Pyramids are a cool set of pieces developed by Andrew Looney of Looney Labs.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Andrew at a Looney labs game day last year.  It was an honor to meet and interview him and realize that he was a kindred spirit in his love of games and fellow Eagle Scout.

Do you Love Looney Pyramids?

Continue reading Board Games in Review – Looney Pyramids

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Looney Labs + Table Top Day = The Looney Lounge & A Whole Lot Of Fun!

 Looney Labs

A lot of fun was to be had at the 2nd annual Tabletop Day hanging out with the Looney gang.  Nerdarchy decided to take a little road trip for this tabletop day from New Jersey over to College Park, Maryland.

 tabletop day

Six of us piled into a mini-van and began our quest for Loonacy and fun.  Let me tell you there were plenty of both to be had.  Literally as depicted to the right there :).  Loonacy was one of the many games we got to play while at the Looney Lounge Tabletop Day event.

I do have a confession to make.  We did have an ulterior motive for making the three and half  hour drive each way.  It’s simple we were hoping to be able to corner Mr. Andy Looney the founder of Looney Labs for an interview.

Actually Andy was very gracious and accommodating with his time and allowing us to chat with him on camera.  Our own Ted Adams conducted the interview.

TableTop Day Interview With Andy Looney Of Looney Labs.

You Can Get Your Looney Labs Games Here!

These aren’t your mom and dads games.  I was first introduced to Looney Labs games with Zombie Fluxx.  There are a ton of Fluxx games out there that you can play- Monty Python, Star, Pirate, Stoner, Cthulhu, and that is just naming a few of them.  Fluxx at it’s essence is a strategy card game where the win conditions are always well in fluxx. I mean the tag line for Fluxx is “The ever changing card game where the fun never stops.”

The newest game to be launched is Loonacy which is a face paced matching game based off the images from the other Fluxx games.  This one was a lot of fun and my thirteen year old sons favorite of the lot.  It’s a pretty straight forward game that is great younger players and casual gamers. Also our resident Nerdarchist Ryan pointed out it would make a great drinking game.Nerdarchy

There is also the Looney Pyramids Games.  You can literally play at least a dozen different official games with the Looney Pyramid game pieces ranging from just two players on up to as many players as you can find.  Than there is a whole community that has churned out hundreds of unofficial games played with the Looney Pyramids pieces.   They can be found at

These games are played with a set Looney Pyramids referred to as a stash.  Some games of Looney Pyramids are played with multiple stashes.  Andy got his start with Icehouse which is a Looney Pyramid game that actually found it’s way into existence through the book he had written called Empty City.


Aside from Fluxx and Looney Pyramids there is a couple of board games published under the Looney brand. Fluxx the board game and Choose one. I haven’t played Fluxx the board game, but Choose One is a lot of fun and would make an awesome party game that up to ten people can enjoy at a time. Now this article wouldn’t be complete without at least mentioning “Are  You A Werewolf?” and “Are You The Traitor?”. Both of which make for great party games that can be played with a decent amount of players.

The Looney games contains games suited for anyone from the casual gamer all the way up to the hardcore gamer. Interested in owning your own Looney games?

You can get them- Here

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Tabletop Day Is Coming: Break Out Your Board, Card, & RPG Games!

 Tabletop day

With the upcoming International Tabletop Day we here at Nerdarchy would have to hand in our nerd/geek card if we didn’t make some noise about it.

Nerdarchy is starting what I hope will become a new tradition for us by going on a road trip to the Looney Lounge which is being hosted by Looney Labs April 5th for International Tabletop Day. Continue reading Tabletop Day Is Coming: Break Out Your Board, Card, & RPG Games!