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Board Games in Review – Legendary – Deck Building Game

legendaryHello and Happy Monday.  And if it is Monday you all know what time it is.  That’s right time for another board game review. Last week I veered away from my typical board games to talk about dice.  You can read that article here.

I am a fan of deck building games.  I have been playing them for a while and for a long time Thunderstone was my favorite.  The complex set up eventually became replaced by Ascension.  For Christmas I received a copy of Legendary: The Marvel Deck Building Game.

Not only does this game combine the cool characters you love, both good and bad, but you actually have win conditions and bad guys to fight.  The mechanic is really cool and takes some time to get in stride.  Depending on which super villain you are up against and what hero selection you have it can go from hard to really challenging.

Are You Legendary – Can you take down the Mastermind?

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