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‘Bagthulhu’ from Wayward Masquerade – World Domination One Adorable Dice Bag at a Time.

Bridget Hughes from New Zealand has a dream of a world under the dominion of adorable yet menacing dice holders. Her business, Wayward Masquerade, has created many amazing products over the years, but her most popular and iconic is ‘Bagthulhu,’ the Cthulhu-themed plush dice bag. Bagthulhu has seen widescreen praise from terrain-crafting legend DM Scotty and even Call of Cthulhu game designer Sandy Petersen. Continue reading ‘Bagthulhu’ from Wayward Masquerade – World Domination One Adorable Dice Bag at a Time.

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Cardboard Fortress lowers the drawbridge to Nerdarchy live chat

Nerdarchy friend and regular gamer in Nerdarchist Dave’s Gryphongaff game, Anthony Amato from Cardboard Fortress Games joined the daily live chat to talk nerdy. Amato is a graphic designer, illustrator and game designer. Along with fiance and longtime business partner Nicole Kline, they’ve created several tabletop games like RESISTOR_. He’s also contributed work to other games like Grow, designed artwork for the Tabletop Cooperative and is a regular at the Philly Game Forge’s dev night. Continue reading Cardboard Fortress lowers the drawbridge to Nerdarchy live chat

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Kickstarter – Deep Madness – Tabletop Miniature Board Game Inspired by Lovecraftian Design

“Deep Madness is a co-operative miniature board game for 1-6 players, with truly immersive horror  Deep Madness tabletop miniature experiences, highly intense and fast paced combat, and deeply strategical challenges.”

It all starts with a group of investigators deep on the ocean floor.  Something goes horribly wrong and the group is thrown into a world of madness.  If the players can work together to solve the puzzle and stay sane in the amount of turns allotted they will be successful.  If not they will go completely mad.

Deep Madness – Great Source for Tabletop Miniatures

There are two different angles to look at this game with.  The first I will appeal to the miniature lover in

you.  If this is not the case jump down to the Deep Madness board game lover section below.  Right now this game is doing very well and for $100 you get a copy of the game and all the stretch goals. And so far, as I am writing this they have unlocked 32 stretch goals.  That makes for a lot of extra minis.

Deep Madness tabletop miniature

That is, again at present, 143 miniatures for this low price.  By my 119 of these very cool miniatures are usable in any tabletop roleplying game that could deal with Cthulhu and the beyond.

Two of these monsters are Epic Monsters that could very easily be used as your final boss of any cool role playing game.  I would get in on this in a heart beat if you are into minis.  In fact I did

Deep Madness – Awesome Tabletop Board Game

If you are into board games and you happen to like the challenge of going against the game itself rather

deep madness tabletop miniature

than another player stop and go no further.  Deep Madness as made for you.  This cooperative tabletop board game pits players against a scenario in hopes that they not only survive but remain sane as well.  The game unfolds with room tiles so technically though you have played the scenario before it might be revealed differently as well as you have different characters with unique abilities to make each game different as well.

Backing Deep Madness on kickstarter allows you to not only get the game first and with extras that will not be in the box when it is sold in stores but there are miniatures that are only available by backing the kickstarter.

“Investigators will have health, resilience, sanity, and escape attributes, as well as irreplaceable unique abilities. Different teams generate different synergies and strategies. They are given many chances to consume their own sanity, to activate abilities, to use the effects of items, and to re-roll dice. However, they are vulnerable when the sanity is low. After an investigator with exhausted tokens manages to kill a monster, the monster will corrupt his mind by permanently flipping the exhausted tokens into madness tokens. As the madness tokens accumulate, horror will haunt the investigators by resolving Madness Cards.”

So there you have short and sweet.  Be sure to check out their Kickstarter and get your self a sweet board game and a load of awesome miniatures.  Deep Madness a tabletop miniatures board game will not disappoint.  You can back the kickstarter here.

Deep Madness – Tabletop Miniature Board Game Inspired by Lovecraftian Design
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Kickstarter – Lazer Ryderz! The Totally Rad Tabletop Racing Game!

lazer ryderz! kickstarter tabletopOur friends over at Cardboard Fortress Games are at it again.  This time they jumped into a time machine and took us back to the 80s.  Not only because their game reminds us of Tron, but the artwork, lingo and even their video harkens back to that time frame.

Lazer Ryderz! is a great board game where even the shape of your playing space can have an effect on the game.  Each player in Lazer Ryderz! takes the place of one rider zooming through space trying to claim these prisms.  When your marker crosses a prism completely it changes to your color and you are that much closer to victory.

When you claim a prism the blank prism goes back onto the board thus increasing the number of prism available.  One once player has three prisms claimed at the same time they win the game.  But it is not as simple as that.  There are complications. Continue reading Kickstarter – Lazer Ryderz! The Totally Rad Tabletop Racing Game!

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Four Reasons We Think You’ll Love Open Legend

open legend roleplaying D&D  Four Reasons We Think You’ll Love Open Legend

Written by: Ish Stabsoz

We know that RPGs are a dime a dozen, and that you can find a system out there for almost any type of game you want to play – and that’s exactly why we are so honored to have a chance here on Nerdarchy to talk to you about why we think you’ll love Open Legend. In this post, we’ll explore the reasons we created Open Legend and talk about why we’re so excited to share our game with the roleplaying community.
It plays like D&D but with more creative freedom
Open Legend was born out of a frustration with a game that we grew up with, a game that we loved (and still do), but, ultimately, a game that held us back from achieving the stories we wanted to tell. It was in the midst of 4th edition D&D that we began experimenting with the home brewed system that eventually became Open Legend. Our experience with 4e was the same as a lot of hardcore D&D fans: it felt too restrictive.

Obviously, we aren’t trying to bash D&D. It’s a great game for players and GMs who want to tell fantasy stories with recognizable tropes and archetypes. And with the strides that fifth edition  has taken, D&D is perhaps the best game to achieve that goal in the industry.
open legend roleplaying D&D
But Open Legend was born out of a desire to let players tell any story at the gaming table that they had read in a book or seen in a movie. We didn’t want restrictions like pre-determined class abilities to prevent players from creating the character they’d always dreamed of seeing in action.

We think you’ll love Open Legend because even though it isn’t D&D, it still plays a lot like the roleplaying game that introduced most of us to the hobby. We love what games like Dungeon World, FATE, and Cypher have done to challenge the expectations of how a roleplaying game feels, but we also realize that not everyone is looking for that sort of paradigm shift. A game of Open Legend still feels a lot like D&D. You still roll for initiative, combat is still conducted turn-by-turn and blow-by-blow, and hit points are still the primary indicator of your character’s health. Continue reading Four Reasons We Think You’ll Love Open Legend

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Kickstarter Behemoth is this the new Tarrasque

I try not to share too many Kickstarter projects here, but every once and a while I feel that a project is

200 px
200 px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

worth sharing.   Over the years Dungeons and Dragons as well as Pathfinder have released a number of large or should I say gargantuan miniatures.  Most of the miniatures I have that get big are Dragons.

Lets face it the game many of us play is called Dungeons and Dragons so why make the other stuff?  We as players all want to face down the big bad monsters, save the world, get the treasure and save the girl.

The biggest monster that anyone has put out was the Colossal Red Dragon.  It is a wondrous figure and I am happy to say that I do own one.  The dragon can actually hold a standard size human in one claw and I typically store one there for fun.

But if you want to deal with something other than dragons what are you options.  Not many and there Continue reading Kickstarter Behemoth is this the new Tarrasque

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The NAG, Our May Game, and Where is Nate in this Weekly Wrap 5-1-2016

Hello and well met traveler of the internet. Once again Dave here with another edition of our weekly wrap. We’ve got a couple of announcements to go along with what we did last week.

We are extremely happy to announce Mike Gould has joined us and contributing weekly a D&D series here on the website. Mike Gould has been a long time viewer over on the YouTube Channel. He’s notorious for his very long, in depth, and insightful comments on Nerdarchy videos. The series which debuted this week will help Game Masters plop encounters right into their game. The series is called “Out of the Box D&D Encounters”.

First off this is time sensitive the Easy Roller kickStarter is wrapping up in a day and half. It’s funded and they have reached all of their stretch goals. Vid and link below

Gunmetal Polyhedral RPG Dice In Complete Sets

Continue reading The NAG, Our May Game, and Where is Nate in this Weekly Wrap 5-1-2016

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Board Games in Review – Pyramid Arcade, Looney Pyramids – Kickstarter

Looney Pyramids

Looney PyramidsI know what you are thinking, It is not Monday what is up with that.  Last week I went over the books you may want to buy for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Today however I am going to revisit one of my favorite board game options.  Looney Pyramids.

If you have been reading a lot on our website, particularly the board games in review, you will have seen some of my articles on Looney Pyramids, Martian Coasters.  Well if you were slightly enticed by these reviews here is your chance to go and grab an all inclusive box with 22 games to play with those awesome pieces.

It is available on Kickstarter right now with under a week to go.  It is already back with two stretch goals left.

Some of the games have had the rules out for a while, while others are unreleased games only play tested with devoted fans. Continue reading Board Games in Review – Pyramid Arcade, Looney Pyramids – Kickstarter

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Easy Roller Dice Company KickStarter Shout Out and Weekly Wrap 4-17-2016

Hello and well met traveler of the Internet,

Nerdarchist Dave here with another Weekly Wrap. First off I wanna give a quick shout out to our secret Facebook group The Company of the N.A.G. They held their first game in there, awesome! I hope to see more games going on in the N.A.G. Not only that, but great conversations about RPGs specifically 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons are happening daily.

We’ve got the game with fans coming up tonight 4-24-2016 @ 7PM Eastern Time.

Croak Hollow 5E D&D Play Through Live

Continue reading Easy Roller Dice Company KickStarter Shout Out and Weekly Wrap 4-17-2016

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March Dungeon Crate Opening, Gaming with Nerdarchy Details, and Weekly Wrap-Up 3-13-2016

Hello and well met travelers of the internet.

Nerdarchist Dave here with another weekly wrap-up post. We’ve got two gaming sessions in the can from this weekend and our Star Wars gaming session is planned for next weekend. This means we should be putting up three weekends worth gaming up back to back for you fine nerds.

This upcoming Thursday the 24th of March Nerdarchist Ted will be running his adventure for the fans. You’ll be able to check that out later in the week.

This will also be our fourth 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game with the fans. There will be more fan games coming up one every month.

This week in our weekly wrap up video we did an unboxing of the March Dungeon Crate. Continue reading March Dungeon Crate Opening, Gaming with Nerdarchy Details, and Weekly Wrap-Up 3-13-2016

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Tabletop RPG KickStarter Corner Plus Nerdy News and Weekly Digest 2-28-2016

tabletop rpg

Hello and Well Met Internet traveler,

Nerdarchist Dave here with another weekly edition of our Nerdy News and Weekly Digest. Today we have a little bit of KickStarter corner with two different KickStarter projects that are geared towards our kind of people, Tabletop RPG gamers.

Tabletop RPG KickStarter Corner

Continue reading Tabletop RPG KickStarter Corner Plus Nerdy News and Weekly Digest 2-28-2016

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Board Games in Review – Dungeon Lords

Dungeon Lords


Hello and Happy Monday.  You know what that means.  It is time for another board game article.  I have been playing board games for quite a while and they can get time consuming.  I have focused for a while on some games that can be played in a short amount of time, but today I am going to go through a game that takes some time.  Dungeon Lords.

How Evil will You be when You Become one of the Dungeon Lords?

Continue reading Board Games in Review – Dungeon Lords

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Celebrate the upcoming Holidays with Star Wars

English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films
English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello and Happy Monday from us here at Nerdarchy.  As we are about to move into December and all the holidays and potential time off from School and Work, why not celebrate all the downtime with Star Wars.  So with the holidays upon us I am taking a break away from board games today and letting you get your Star Wars on as we all anticipate the release of the new movie.

If you are into reading novels, there are lots of really great options. I am a huge fan of the tales books.  Such as the Tales of the Bounty Hunters and Tales from Moss Eisley Cantina.  You get some intriguing tales about the side characters that are only on screen for a few seconds and it shows the richness of the world that we love.  Another great example is the New Jedi Order.  I love the part of this one with Kyp Durron.  If you are a Star Wars fan these should not be missed.

Will You be Role Playing in The New Jedi Order?

If table top is more your thing, then you have to try out the new Role Playing game from Fantasy Flight Games.  If you

Tales of the Bounty Hunters
Tales of the Bounty Hunters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

follow our channel you have seen that we are having our guest DM who is far more knowledgeable about the system run it for us, sadly a year after I said I would get the books and run it.  As I am diving more and more into the system it is rising higher and higher in my esteem.  I can’t wait for our first session.

If you are more likely the type of person who wants to just sit back and be entertained there are plenty of DVDs.  You have multiple version of the original trilogy and you have the new stuff as well.  If you are not into Episodes 1-3, for what ever reason and you have the original trilogy  then you can grab either rebels or the clone wars.  It has some great characters and helps develop the story behind the movies.  Rebels I just pick up today upon Nerdarchist Dave’s recommendations seconded by our Guest DM Scott.  Both animated series have cool story lines and compelling characters to draw you in and keep you watching.

If that is still not enough you have board games and video games.  For board games you have all levels with Star wars risk, always a blast and even Star Wars Chess and Monopoly.  Classics with a twist are always great to add to a collection or pick up as a gift.  Nate the Nerdarch is playing Battlefront and loving every minute of it and I am grabbing the Lego version to play with my son.

So why not keep your holidays Nerdy by adding more Star Wars to it.  As always thanks for reading and Until Next Time Stay Nerdy!


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Board Games in Review – Sword & Sorcery – Kickstarter

sword & sorceryAre you looking to get in on the ground floor of Kickstarters hottest new board games?  Let me introduce you to Sword & Sorcery.  It is a Epic Fantasy Co-op board and miniature game.

The Legend begins! Play heroes of epic stature in this fantasy board game, with high-quality figures and amazing cooperative gameplay.

The game is designed to be played  in about 90 minutes.  With lots of different class choices and multiple board lay outs it makes for high return play-ability.  The unique A.I. system no gm is needed and there is even solo play just in case you need to waste the rainy day away.

Will You Support Sword & Sorcery on Kickstarter?

Continue reading Board Games in Review – Sword & Sorcery – Kickstarter

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Board Games in Review – Shrimp Everywhere – Kickstarter

Shrimp EverywhereHello board game enthusiasts! Today I grab another game from Kickstarter and another game by local game company Black Slither Games.  Today let me introduce you to Shrimp everywhere.  Shrimp Everywhere! is a game of nonsense and immature toilet humor we all love. Forget everything you believe in and make funny happen!

The mechanics are quite simple and you will probably laugh a lot at the ridiculousness of the cards you are holding, so be prepared for that.  If you have played Cards Against Humanity and enjoyed it, it is highly likely you will enjoy this one as well.


Fantastic Funny Game on Kickstarter – Shrimp Everywhere

Continue reading Board Games in Review – Shrimp Everywhere – Kickstarter