Geek and Sundry GM Tips with Satine Phoenix…and Nerdarchy!

Thanks to so many awesome Nerdarchy fans and supporters, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted were able to make it out to Los Angeles earlier this year to appear on GM Tips with Satine Phoenix. The Geek and Sundry program features different … Read More

Matt Mercer & Friends Prove Every Roll Matters in Gen Con GM Improv Showdown

Gen Con 50 was a records-shattering celebration of gaming culture with countless seminars, panels, events and of course games! Nerdarchy made the pilgrimage to Indianapolis, where Nerdarchist Dave and Web editor Doug met fans and colleagues, met awesome industry influencers … Read More

GM’s Can Create an Adventure in Five Easy Pieces

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In the video above from the Nerdarchy YouTube channel Nerdarchist Dave, Nate the Nerdarch and Nerdarchist Ted explore an approach to creating tabletop roleplaying game adventures. Based on the Five Ws – traditional basic information gathering and problem solving steps – … Read More

Our adventure with the awesome D&D community is more than a game

Inspired by Nerdarchy’s fantastic opportunity to travel to Los Angeles and be a guest on Geek and Sundry’s GM Tips with host Satine Phoenix, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted and Nate the Nerdarch created the special video message above to share what Nerdarchy … Read More

Experience schmexperience! Trials and triumphs of a full-time nerd in a part-time world

A item on my list of potential topics, a comment from Nerdarchist Ryan on a recent Saturday live chat, and something one of my players said to me the other day have coalesced into this week’s examination of different ways … Read More

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