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World of Darkness: Vampire – Gangrel

After so much time dealing with the Garou, I got cocky when it comes to the Kindred known as the  gangrel vampire beast Gangrel. I had went to deal with the clan and thought that because they are close to the beast, they would parlay freely. Well, that does not seem to be the case as I was punched in the head hard enough to knock me reeling. Well, to say he was not friendly from that point on is an understatement. Then again, I was not the most polite guest. Especially after I found out my sharp tongue could literally drive my host Blaine into fits of feral rage. 

I heard once that there is nothing sharper than an Irish tongue. Well, they have not felt the claws of the Gangrel clan, twisting and drilling it’s way into my hand as the Kindred laughed in delight. His face, at first normal like any human’s, had shifted to have lupine ears and eyes like a cat with the various aggressive roars of frustration my insults and unwillingness to cooperate had brought forth from him. This man, no, this beast is only wearing a thinly held back visage of civility ready to fade away like a mirage. And like such illusion, once the truth is seen it is forever feared by the prey and the predator alike despite any collar one can put on it. 

Heaven help those that bear the curse of the Gangrel, for they are doomed to an eternity not of the world of man, or beast, but a world alone forever.

There is a beast within every vampire, and then there is the beast known as the clan Gangrel. See, where other clan’s let their kindred hide their beast on the inside, the Gangrel personify it inside and out. This is a nice way of describing the extra bit of nastiness that the curse of clan Gangrel is, the ever lasting fear that the next frenzy will leave it’s mark and turn  their greatest gifts against them in the ultimate form of karma. Course karma is a beast unto itself. Continue reading World of Darkness: Vampire – Gangrel