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Garibay 1K Adventure (Onyx Slide) – A Fate Accelerated Adventure Set in “Sliders”

SlidersSliders was an epic science fiction television series that ran for five seasons between 1995 and 2000. Sliders was the story of four intrepid adventurers who used a wormhole vortex to “slide” between different Parallel Universes. The adventurers used a slide timer (a portable device) to be aware of when they could slide to another Parallel Universe. The timing of each slide had to be carefully managed because if the adventurers missed their slide window, they would be stranded in the current Parallel Universe for 29.7 years. While the four adventurers waited for the next slide, they would often become involved in events within the current Parallel Universe (despite attempts to remain uninvolved). Because the technology they used to slide was not fully tested before the first slide, the four adventurers could not control what Parallel Universe they slid to next. They also could not select their origin universe, Earth Prime, as a destination on the slide timers, so each slide was a slim hope that they would be able to slide home. Presented here is a Garibay 1K Adventure (an adventure present in 1,000 words or less) to allow Gamemasters to run a unique Sliders Adventure (Onyx Slide). Continue reading Garibay 1K Adventure (Onyx Slide) – A Fate Accelerated Adventure Set in “Sliders”

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Life after Death, Reincarnation, and the Game Master ‘s Prerogative

Recently Nerdarchy shot a video about the level of risk and death in games and posed the question,”Should a Game Master kill their players?”.

Check out the video below. Hopefully it will stir similar questions in your mind, about your game master playing style, as it did for me in mine.

As I say in the video I do have some challenging fights for my players that I, as the Game Master, think are too hard. I do this because the threat of death needs to be as real as it can be in a fantasy world.

Otherwise, the threat of death is no longer considered. That and the goblins were fielding an army. Sometimes the players should legitimately consider running

Life after Death, Reincarnation, and the Game Master ‘s Prerogative

undead_treant_2_by_urielx1x-d41vlvt Life after Death, Reincarnation, and the Game Master 's PrerogativeI mentioned the first level nothic fight. But there are plenty more. For example: An undead Treant and 13 goblin necromancers(all 6th level) vs the party(five @ 5th level) and “a dozen 1st level rangers in the woods”.

And just in case you rationalize this as okay due to magic items here is their list; a long sword that does bludgeoning damage and counts as a magic weapon, spider-climb slippers, a scarf of disguise, a mead stirrer that has preservative magic on it as well as a few ancient, and delicious, dwarven booze recipes, and a chaos sphere that can let you use metamagic abilities at the cost of the chance of wild surges.

So the magic items didn’t carry the encounter for them. They either had a winning strategy or they could run away(the other winning strategy).

Or they could DIE!!!

And being as my encounter would have contributed to that outcome I began to think about what I would do if my Game Master style actually killed one of the players. I began asking myself some questions and considering the in-game concepts of…

Life after Death, Reincarnation, and the Game Master ‘s Prerogative

Life after Death, Reincarnation, and the Game Master 's Prerogative

If I set up a scenario where a player could die I needed to know what would happen to them afterwards, right?

Game Master Tip- Never let the dice decide, a yes or no answer, if you are not absolutely fine with either outcome.

By that I mean if I am not okay with party members dying permanently then I need to have a plan for when the possible, no matter the odds, happens. And through the power of the internet I can share my Game Master thoughts directly to you.

  1. Life after Death. The soul of the player character hangs out and can help the party, maybe they gain a ghost like template, or Revenant in the case of a murdered player character. Maybe they are bond to their sword or an amulet. Maybe they are just so willful that they say, “Death? Meh. I am going to be a earthly spirit and haunt you sucker!” Later they could be stuck in a defeated mechanical man. Bam! Now they are back and a warforged elf or whatever they were previously.
  2. Life after Death, Reincarnation, and the Game Master 's PrerogativeReincarnation- They wake up in the little furry body of a fox, raccoon, or giant squirrel. They don’t remember what is going on but they like to walk in the parties shadow for some reason. In fact the Game Master role plays the critter until it is found out that the soul of their dead companion is within the animal. Heck, the player who lost the character originally could be playing a new character that finds this out. Later on it is discovered that the player has the choice, with the help of some dancing and singing druids, to continue playing their current character or they could switch to their, newly reincarnated, old character instead.
  3. In the end I realized that their is always the third option. Let them live through some legitimate, but totally made up, occurrence of good fortune.

I put out these options for myself because I don’t want a PC death to option-less and permanent. Or the jump start of an epic quest for a 5000 gp gem, but I also don’t want it to be as meaningless as just needing a spell to fix it.

For me it is a balance between making the threat feel so real it looks like I believe it and not killing off the Players’ characters every other session. While, at the same time, providing a good role playing way that a player, who isn’t ready to loose their character, could get a second chance.

In the end, whether life after death, reincarnation, or anything in between, it is the Game Master ‘s prerogative.

Just remember to play what feels appropriate and

Until next time, Stay Nerdy!

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Top 5 Tabletop RPG Games to Play Before The Zombie Apocalypse

RPG games

Nerdarchist Dave here to give you my “Top 5 Tabletop RPG Games to Play Before The Zombie Apocalypse”. This is going to be a list of games I haven’t gotten a chance to play, a little bit about the game, and why I want to play them.

Top 5 Tabletop RPG Games

Continue reading Top 5 Tabletop RPG Games to Play Before The Zombie Apocalypse

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How to Find a Gaming Group for Tabletop RPG Games

RPG Game

RPG Gaming Group- How the Hell do You find Gamers


Hey folks Nerdarchist Dave here to talk about the age old question how do I find a gaming group. This can be super easy or herculean sized task especially amongst us tabletop gamers. Let’s face it inside the gaming community there are more socially inept people than you can shake a D2o at. I feel like can say that being one of the inept. I personally have always gotten anxiety when place in large social gatherings with people I don’t know. Continue reading How to Find a Gaming Group for Tabletop RPG Games