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World of Darkness: Vampire – Toreador Clan

  Toreador vampire clan  I watch, enraptured inn every movement of the cold flesh of the vampire before me. Her pale skin clad in sheer lace and the velvet she gets her stage name from, yet somehow her style and grace are obvious, demanding respect from everyone there.

As her legs wrap around the pole, gravity and skill beyond that of humans the world round driving her to flip upside down in a waltz that has everyone wishing to be the pole, to dance with her for a night even if it would leave them empty vessels for an eternity.

Thus is the danger of this predator, the prey do not run. No, they clamber, they would fight to the death to be her next victim. Everything about her draws them in, to please her in whatever way would bring her a moments pleasure. Toreador vampire clan

The clack of heels on freshly polished reflective floor barely warn of this pink haired beauty’s approach, not on her feet like a feral animal, but on hands and knees, slinking along like a cat in control of the mouse that is on the menu.

That mouse, in the case of a Toreador, is art and forms of beauty in this world. As she crawls to me, her green eyes becoming my world, I realize that knowledge of the abilities she wields does not grant immunity to them, for my world fades into a world of green and pink. If I ever see the sun is no longer my will. 

Toreador, the deviants, are vampires that live unlife to the fullest. They are such prolific personalities that they do not have a reputation for combat but are feared none the less. A founding member of the Camarilla, the Toreador are beings of near infinite charisma and skill. Though they are the opposite coin to the rebellious Brujah, controlled ability to the ruckus impulse of their opposite. This comes from their powers as well as their weakness. For in the interaction of those two factors, you find why the Toreador are the way they are. Continue reading World of Darkness: Vampire – Toreador Clan