Out of the Box D&D Encounters, Series 2, #22 – “A Cry for Help”

Out of the Box introduction The ever-present truth of player character groups is that they should be working together to achieve an end. Cooperation to overcome the odds is a core tenant. Working together and developing a synergy or symbiotic … Read More

Want More 5E D&D Monsters? How About Limitless Monsters?

In case you missed it, not only are Nerdarchist Ted’s weekly top picks from Kickstarter a thing here on the website, we put the spotlight on one Kickstarter in particular – Limitless Monsters from Limitless Adventures. The campaign for Limitless … Read More

Out of the Box D&D Encounters, Series 2, #19 – “Genie in a…”

Out of the Box introduction Reinterpretation means more than a simple reskin. By reimagining classic tropes, stories, faerie tales, movies and the like, Dungeon Masters have an endless supply of inspirations for encounters and adventures. One old trope rarely used … Read More

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