Limitless Monsters Kickstarter from Limitless Adventures Unleashes 100 D&D Monsters!

- 1 Do you like monsters? Of course you do. Whether you’re a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master on the lookout for exciting new creatures to challenge adventurers or a player whose character seeks fame, glory, gold and heroic … Read More


Making a Pact with Warlock Patreon from Kobold Press

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Since 2012, the Kobold Press imprint has produced some of the best-received third-party content for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Their biggest release – both in terms of sheer size and tabletop roleplaying game culture penetration – is the Tome … Read More

Out of the Box D&D Encounters, Series 2, #11 – “Building Bridges”

Introduction Have you ever needed an icebreaker encounter for either a new group, or maybe introduce a new D&D player to the concept of roleplaying without challenging their untested knowledge of any rules? I have. Often new players are uncomfortable … Read More

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